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Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Review

Why do you need to know the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Review? Well, your life might be made up of many elements welded together, but to get the actual stuffs welded, you will really need a hood. Getting one for yourself might not sound easy because that’s something you need to buy after a big consideration. But if you really want a suggestion, you can skim through this welding helmet black 3350 series review.

This model by lincoln electric has got to be a great red helmet that cannot be only used for welding but also for cutting and grinding. Starting from its glossy red to its performance, the hood has all the basic features that are needed. So we thought, you must know all of them since it deserves to be known.  This is certainly one of the best welding helmet in our hut.


Benefits Of Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

Vast Viewing Window

This welding helmet of 3350 series comes with a large viewing area which happens to be the most convenient factor for welders. With a size that comes in 3.74 inches by 3.34 inches, it will provide you a full range of vision with regard to welding area. So, you will get full on control to weld with ease. The longer you can view, the more easily you can perform your tasks which will also lead to more productivity.

Clearer View

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350

So it’s not only the large viewing area you will be getting, the helmet also offers 4C technology to give you more benefits. Because with this, you will get a clearer view to productivity and quality so that you can use the helmet up for a multiple kinds of works.

So, you will find it great for a range of industries like shipbuilding, power generation, pipeline or general fabrication that requires welding process especially.

Another great thing about this technology is that it helps enrich visibility by lessening the lime green tint while preserving the existing optical clarity rating. And this is a big plus.

Cheater Lens Ready

Moreover, you will also find it cheater lens ready so you can fit cheater lens easily as per your requirement. So if you need a little more magnification while loading, this feature will let you do that.

Variable Shade Range

The helmet has proven to be very versatile which deserves a big thumbs up. Not only you can use it for welding but also it will allow you to perform other jobs. It comes with 5 through 8 shade which is great for cutting no matter if its gas cutting or oxy-fuel cutting. Meanwhile, it also does 9 through 13 shade that is ideal for any kind of welding passions.

Bandana And Bag

Two of the awesome things that you will get with the helmet are the foose bandana and the helmet bag inside the box. You will find a big room there inside the bag for helmet as well as for other accessories. Speaking of bandana, this will literally help soak up sweat if you wear it under the helmet when you weld.

Spare Lens Covers

Besides the above two, you will also get yourself two inner lens covers as well as a pack of outer lens covers for replacement. Since the welders occasionally scratch the lens, while welding, you will definitely need them as spare.

Grind Mode

The helmet lets you set it to the grind mode. With this, you can get yourself a suitable shade for different lighting condition you will weld under.


The helmet has been made up of Nylon Polycarbonate material. So, it is able to last longer than your expectations.

Critiques Of Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

Low Visibility

Certainly lincoln helmet does quick response to weld light and it’s also great for having bigger viewing area. But what we found out that some people felt it hard to see through the glass because of it. And this made the visibility somewhat low while not striking an arc. Not just that, people have also shared that the lens made it hard to see during structural weld.

Loose Head Gear

Some of the complaints have also found regarding the helmet. The users said that the headgear feels cheaply made and that it keeps sliding down during the work. So you might find it quite annoying.

FAQ- Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Review

Is the grind mode located inside or outside the helmet?

The grind mode switch is located inside the helmet which you will find very convenient to use.

What color is the inside of the helmet?

The inside of the welding helmet is black in color, in fact everything on the inside is black. As for the outer shell it has been painted with red gloss.

Can you use this welding helmet for TIG, MIG and stick?

Yes, you can use this helmet for MIG, TIG, stick and flux. It also works great inside and outside for all kinds of welding processes. But you might to adjust its sensitivity for outside welding.

Does this welding helmet have a battery backup other than solar power?

Many of you might think that the helmet is operated by solar power but that’s not the case. The solar power is meant for lens delay and sensitivity operation. You will find a battery that is used for darkening the lens. Without the lithium battery, the lens won’t work. However, the daily and continuous use might drain the battery quick.

Wrap Up!

Periodically, we noticed that many users have been talking about its low visibility issue. It will be great if the brand takes measure to solve such issues. Besides, they should also check the product before sending one as people have also complained about the headband coming out loose. Other than these small minors, the helmet is a great product to have. Not only we marked it as a versatile hood but also it has equipped itself with many other benefits that are just there to impress you. Hope our review would help you to take a better decision.

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