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If you are a cop, you already know the answer. However, if you are a biker lover or bike enthusiast, and are interested in knowing what motorcycle helmets do the police use, this post is for you. Police helmets are very attractive and effective. As we have seen, recently, the public is searching on the internet for such helmets. 

what motorcycle helmets do the police use

On the contrary, you can’t use an American police motorcycle helmet if your state law doesn’t allow you. Both original and clone helmets are available on the market. We assume that you are smart enough to understand the important function of the helmet which the clone helmet barely provide. Before we start with the main point, you should probably need to know briefly about the importance of helmets and the helmet laws in the states.

A motorcycle helmet is a must for a motorcyclist. It doesn’t matter if you are fashionable and worried about your hairstyle. What you have to keep in mind is that this motorbike helmet could save your life. No matter how good a motorbike driver you are, no matter whether you ride a cruiser or sports bike, you can have an accident at any time. Unless you don’t want your face to be recognized by others.

Motorcycle Injuries Statistics

Every year, many people around the world die in motorcycle crashes. Many are facing huge losses even though they are lucky to not die. 

Many poor bikers become crippled for the rest of their lives. According to a study, about 1.2 million people die every year in road accidents. As a matter of fact, most of them are motorcyclists. Maybe you are wondering about the answers. 

Many people are reluctant to wear helmets due to ignorance. Avoiding helmets can be fatal in motorcycle accidents. Most people die due to head injuries in accidents. 

A motorcycle can play an important role in saving a motorbike’s life.  A recent study says that helmet reduces the risk of brain injury by 69 percent. According to 2010 statistics, 44% of people who died in a motorcycle accident did not wear a helmet. 

The research also lets us know that more lives could have been saved if those people were wearing helmets.

Still, many people are not interested in using motorcycle helmets. According to many motorcyclists, a motorcycle helmet does not allow one to fully utilize vision and hearing power. Experienced motorcyclists are constantly denying this logic. 

The motorcycle helmet standard is set by the Department of Transportation (DOT), which has always claimed that motorcycle helmets do not impact on sight and hearing strength. Many people do not want to buy a motorcycle helmet for money.

But we have to remember that money is never worse than living. Depending on which helmet you want to buy, a standard DOT motorcycle helmet starts from $125 to more than $500.

Not just lives, motorcycle helmets also save the economy. A study shows that states having helmet laws save four times more than those states that do not have motorcycle helmet laws. The United States of America saved $3 billion in 2010 because of the use of helmets. 

They could have saved about 1.4 billion if more people used helmets. Generally, medical bills are about $300,000 for those who do not wear helmets. The estimated financial loss is about $12 billion for not wearing helmets.

Motorcycle Helmet Law In USA

Motorcycle law is not the same in every state of the USA. For instance, there are age-based laws in 22 states. Nine states are neutral regarding wearing motorcycle helmets. Currently, only 19 states enforce proper helmet laws. People of every age are bound to wear a helmet while on a motorbike. Police often face various problems in the states which provide partial helmet laws because it is not possible to check the age of every motorcyclist. 

The fine for wearing a motorcycle helmet is not the same in each state. For example, in California, there is no penalty for not wearing a motorcycle helmet for the first time. However, if the same mistake is committed a second time, the fine is not more than $25. In these cases, parents have to take the responsibility. So, if you do not want to get fined, definitely use a motorcycle helmet. Again, money is not the key factor here. It is your valuable life.

Police Motorcycle Helmet

Police Motorcycle Helmet

The life of the police is not the same as the life of an ordinary man. They are always ready to risk their lives to enforce laws. They always keep an eye on whether everyone is in compliance with the law.  

There are some motorcycle rules. In most countries in the world, there are laws for wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Almost everyone abides by that law. Because, if not, you have to pay a huge fine besides risking your life.  Police keep watching over motorcyclists on the road. You may have seen a cop, riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Isn’t it funny? 

The keepers of laws are breaking the laws! Well, there are some reasons. It’s up to you if you want to believe it or not. In many cases, a motorcycle helmet is not that essential for the cops. Not all police in America need to have motorbikes. Many cops use motorbikes rarely. Especially for escorts, funerals and parades. These tasks do not require too much speed. 

Therefore, many times, police motorists are not interested enough in wearing helmets or using safety gear. Many police motorcyclists ride motorcycles part-time or occasionally. American police are aware of the laws, and they don’t ride bikes very fast. In many American cities, even the police cannot change their lanes, such as in California.  

Only the highway police and when chasing city criminals, police may use speed. As cars are getting cheaper day by day, cops are not using motorbikes like in the old days. So, the previous image of police on a motorbike with a shiny helmet along with other gear is not seen frequently these days.

What Motorcycle Helmets Do The Police Use

Most policemen who use motorcycles useful safety gear. There are different types of police helmets in each country. The helmets of England differ from the helmets of Germany. In the USA, most cops use a full-face helmet. Some are also seen wearing half-open helmets.  

Here the personal preference of many takes precedence.  Police are not required to choose a certain type of helmet. Nevertheless, some law enforcement authorities decide on helmets for the cops. Because, the cops tend to remove the glass from the helmets quickly. Hearing to others is also important for many. Law enforcement organizations also make sure that the police take off their motorcycle helmets when they talk to ordinary people. Most of the cops’ helmets are transparent, thus people can see the police officer’s face clearly.

Wrap Up

Police usually use an oval – shaped safety helmet. This type of helmet greatly reduces noise. Outer noise typically enters through the bottom of the helmet. Since the neck roll of such a helmet is tight, the noise cannot enter that way. If you also need any quiet motorcycle helmet, please read our quietest motorcycle helmet review. Many police use modern helmets equipped with Bluetooth, cooling fan, LED lights and many more advanced technologies.  Due to such technology, their operations become easier while riding bikes.  For the convenience of the police, the helmets are made after vigorous experiments. Most police love Flip Up visors. Shoei and Intagon are some renowned manufacturers of police motorbike helmets.

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