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In your search for a fighter pilot motorcycle helmet, you can find two types on the market, the open concept and integral ones that are more modern. Of course, you have a wide variety of models as options.

It is a garment created to provide further protection to the head and generally made of metal or other resistant material against objects that fall or collide at extreme speed. Minimally covers the crown, forehead, and temples. The most modern fully protects the head.

Fighter Pilot Motorcycle Helmet

This versatile helmet is often used in some industrial activities, firefighting, parachuting, high-speed sports competitions such as cycling, and other modalities with the risk of blows or collisions such as motorcycling. They are also common in the military, police, and special security forces.

It is recommended as a safety accessory for those who ride motorcycles at high speeds. In most jurisdictions, the helmet is a compulsory garment, regardless of type.


Why Should I buy It?

Because it offers more protection than boring traditional motorcycle helmets and is different, regardless of whether you choose an antique or modern style, it will be your best decision.

Also, suppose you are a fan of retro style and combine it with vintage aviator motorcycle goggles; in that case, your resemblance to a combat pilot will be remarkable, a combination that will undoubtedly make a difference.

Does It Provide Protection?

Yes, it protects the same or more than any other motorcycle helmets of the same style, only changes its exterior design. Most of the helmets are made with advanced polycarbonate shell. Protection is directly proportional to the technology used by the manufacturer, which also affects the price, but not the aesthetics.

However, due to their design, full face motorcycle helmets tend to protect considerably more than open-concept helmets, as you might expect. That is why it is recommended that you consider first: what speeds you will experience when traveling before buying an open aviator motorcycle helmet.

It is not the same to suffer a fall on the highway speeds at 100 MPH than in the city center at 30 or 50 MPH. It is not advisable to ride with an open helmet at high speeds for two fundamental reasons; the first is due to the lack of protection that it presents compared to full-face helmets; the second is because of the air and suspended particles that could be annoying or cause some damage.

Of course, open-concept fighter pilot motorcycle helmets for riding around town in summer are the best. Besides being eye-catching and comfortable, they are light and allow greater visibility.

On the other hand, the closed or integral ones have more modern designs, military hunting style, with a more provocative and galactic aesthetic. Sometimes the helmets are made by genuine leather. They are another level, ideal for winter and long trips at high speeds since they will also protect you from mosquitoes.

Some Trending Fighter Pilot Helmet

Regardless of the speed you have decided to adopt when traveling, using this type of helmet will avoid possible inconveniences. Its design is hermetic and allows it to be adjusted to the head, providing a higher safety level on the road. When riding motorcycles, protect your life, and drive respecting the rules, thus avoiding inconveniences with the law and safeguarding your life.

These motorcycle helmets have been growing in preference. They are highly appreciated by people who travel long distances, where watertight or full-face helmets are preferred as they have unique characteristics that other helmets do not have.

Retro lovers are fascinated by open-concept helmet models, similar to those used by combat pilots in ancient times, for their lightness and comfort, leaving their safety a little behind.

In these types of helmets, some are slightly grainy and soft due to their cotton lining with ventilation grommets hidden behind the ears. They also come with an adjustable chin strap, which makes them very versatile.

Best of all, they are inexpensive; however, you must bear in mind that this type of helmet, similar to an old aviator helmet, is ideal for riding at low speeds. Its protection capacity is lower compared to full face motorcycle helmet at the time of fall or crash.

Motorcycle Helmet with HUD

The motorcycle helmet with a HUD (Heads Up Display) similar to fighter pilots has a built-in navigation function. The helmet with this technology displays in full color, translucent images on the helmet visor. They also provide the rider with information on direction indications, speed, time, without taking his eyes off the road at any time.

This helmet design has dimensions slightly larger than a standard helmet. Still, the benefits it offers, such as voice control, digital compass, and light sensor to adjust screen brightness based on whether it’s day or night, make it quite attractive. It works based on software compatible with the Android operating system.

The helmet also offers some smart passive safety features. The minimalist interface makes it impossible for users to connect to other types of applications or watch a video. The display is designed to show an overview map if the motorcycle’s speed is close to zero.

This type of helmet protects your eyes against fatigue and also has a focal point for maximum comfort. This type of helmet is the one that will make you feel like a pilot, the most since it will show you tactical information on the ground.

The only disadvantage is that the edition of this type of helmet is limited, so it is a bit difficult to acquire.

Wrap Up

Finally, this type of motorcycle helmet, depending on its model, offers you:

  • Ability to withstand up to 32 types of impact at the time of a fall or crash.
  • Increased safety and likelihood of being uninjured in a crash.
  • An experience of comfort.

You must choose this kind of helmet, unlike others, because it is the option it offers :

  • Price adaptable to many wallets compared to other types of helmets.
  • An unusual style.
  • Ease of adapting various additional accessories.
  • Last generation technology.

A helmet does not prevent an accident, but it is the accessory that can protect you if it does occur. It is your best option because it also offers you security and protection against external agents and makes you live a very particular style according to regulations and laws.

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