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Countless people on our website ask that how long a motorcycle helmet should be used. Another way to ask the question is what is the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet? The answer to the question is FIVE YEARS.

A motorcycle helmet should be replaced every 5 years.

As we know, there are various types of helmets available in the market. With care, a good quality helmet should last more than five years. I know some guys who take care of their helmets. Their helmets look nearly like new even after five years. Hither, the question arises; will they too change helmets? I know what you are thinking.

You must have thought that this is merely marketing. My sole intention is to sell helmets. Well, no. No one is paying me. A helmet is simply a product like other products having a certain lifetime. Let’s dig more.

Motorcycle Helmet Lifespan

Topic That We Cover In Motorcycle Helmet Lifespan

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When To Replace Motorcycle Helmet

Over time, a helmet deteriorates gradually that may not be seen with the naked eye. Keep in mind that a helmet is safety gear. Many elements are used in its preparation. Glues, resins, and other elements can affect the helmet liner. Again, hair oils, body fluids, and cosmetics contribute to helmet decay. Petroleum-based products, such as cleaners and paints, also play a role in the deterioration of motorcycle helmets. Normal ‘wear and tear’ is not mentioned here.

It is not only motorcycle helmet manufacturers but also the Snell Foundation has recommended not to use one helmet for more than 5 years.

A motorcycle helmet is not a showpiece. Its generally used rather often. Several things inside and outside get damaged or broken during its uses. In short, the effectiveness of the helmet constantly diminishes. Helmets that are untouched wear out slowly. However, the majority of helmets usually wear out for three reasons.

The amount of use, maintenance, and build quality are the major factors of the degradation of a helmet. Not all motorists are the same. Some riders ride bikes every day, others ride bikes one or two days a week. Some take care of the helmet, some ignore it.

Some helmets have the high-grade build quality, while some have inadequate build quality. Are you getting this? The issue of five years of life depends on numerous things. Premium motorcycle helmet manufacturers state that it is mandatory to change the helmet every five years keeping in mind the concern of security.

Motorcycle Helmet Shelf Life

When you bought your helmet, it must have looked shiny new. However, have you thought how long has the helmet been on the shelf of the shop keeper before your visit? Perhaps you felt fortunate to get a nice looking helmet with a discount price. The reason could be that the helmet became a burden to the dealer for too long.

We have already acknowledged that the lifespan of a helmet is five years. Before buying the helmet that is on the seller’s shelf, you have to examine the manufacture date. If a helmet is unused, it may not shorten the life of the helmet that much.

Helmets are usually damaged by the use and wear of helmets. According to the manufacturers, an unused or untouched helmet for two or three years does not significantly cause much damage.

How Long Do Motorcycle Helmet Last

Like almost everything, helmets also expire. This is not a myth. It has a logical explanation. So what will you do after your used helmet reaches 5 years of age? Will you throw it away? We’ve come up with some brilliant ideas. See if you like these ideas! Interestingly, many people keep their used helmets with them. Many people decorate with helmets like showpieces. The next idea is even better! If you are a fan of a specific helmet brand, then after 5 years you can check the quality of your preferred helmet.

Since you are not going to use it, you can continue to wreak havoc on it. Beat it with a hammer or drive over it. You can see how much protection the helmet of your preferred brand is offering. If you want, you can make a video and post it on YouTube.

Multiple people will be able to know how much durable different helmet brands are by watching your video. Most of the materials are recyclable. You can recycle your used helmet if you want. Many people use helmets only because there is a helmet law. You can present it to those who need a helmet only to avoid the fines.

Cracked Motorcycle Helmet

Suppose your helmet is slightly broken or cracked due to an accident. Would you still use it? Not at all. The helmet is safety gear. You use it for your protection, not for fashion. No sane motorcyclists would disagree with the importance of having a safe motorcycle helmet. The amount of damage inside a helmet is often not understood. Often the cracks inside a helmet are not recognized due to paint.

We will never recommend using a broken or damaged helmet. People sometimes buy a little dropped/ battered helmet to save money. Remember, it doesn’t make sense.

The lifespan of the same helmet is only five years, and the amount of damage inside it is not recognizable. Hence, you should not take any risks concerning the security of your skull. The internal structure of the helmet can be damaged though, from the outside, it might look fresh. There is a saying, all that glitters are not gold. There is no point in giving away your security.

Motorcycle Helmet Inspection

A helmet is the most important safety equipment for a motorcyclist. It protects your scalp from injury. That means it saves your life on an unfortunate day. The age, damage, and wear of the helmet affect the lifespan of a helmet. So, we should know how to inspect the safety of the helmet. Here, we are revealing you the way of inspection of a helmet in a few steps.

Helmet manufacturers say that the lifespan of the helmet lead is 5 years. Of course, you have to see the manufacturing date of the helmet first. The second step is to move the comfort line of the helmet a little. Wash or replace the liner as needed. Then check the EPS for any damages. Examine the shell, if there are any for cracks, scratches, or other marks of injury.

Wrap Up

It is your responsibility to check the helmet before the ride. If you use a helmet for a long time it can also damage your hair. Helmet is a protective gear for us. Make sure you are using the right helmet to protect yourself.

Happy Riding!

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