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Motorcycle has always been a popular vehicle. As it takes less space in the road, it takes you to your destination when others in the cars are stuck in traffic. A motorcyclist feels a sense of freedom while riding.

Nothing seems cooler than riding this two-wheeler to its riders. However, riding motorcycles can be dangerous too. Roads are full of stupids. You can never be certain of your security while you are on the roads. Wearing a motorcycle helmet can minimize some risk.

Wearing Motorcycle Helmet

Reasons To Wear A Helmet

Wearing a motorbike helmet increases the chance of saving your life. People die in motorbike accidents mostly for severe head injuries. Head and brain injuries are common in motorbike crashes, especially without a helmet. 

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) states that a motorbike helmet generally reduces about 67 percent of risk of getting a head or brain injury. Head or brain injuries are more serious because it could result in serious impact to the victims’ physical and cognitive functions.

Around 75% of deaths are from head injuries in European countries in motorcycle accidents. The accident ratio is higher in other countries where death from head injuries is nearly 88%. Head injuries are crucial and require long term care which results in expensive medical costs. It even can lead to permanent paralysis or death. 

reason to wear a helmet

According to NHTSA, helmets saved around 1,872 motorcyclists in 2017. About 749 people died by head injuries who could have saved their lives if they had worn the helmets. A study of WHO shows that almost 37 of motorcyclists out of 100 could be saved for wearing helmets. Because of wearing helmets, about $21 billion costs were saved in 2017. 

Along with the precious head, a helmet also gives you protection against injuries to the eye, nose, face and teeth. Helmets are not useful only at mishaps, but also they protect the riders in the roads. Many objects could come in contact with your face while riding; such as low branches of trees, dirt etc.

A helmet also filters and reduces the noises and helps with driving. Especially during rain, it covers the face and prevent reduced visibility which could be a reason of losing control of the bike.

Wearing a helmet should not be taken lightly. Road crashes not only affect an individual, but also it damages the whole public health problem. It greatly affects the healthcare system of a country. An analysis shows that nearly 1.2 million people die and a lot more are injured by road crashes every year.

This vehicle might be cooler, but it also possesses more risk than cars. They often move in between fast-moving vehicles such as cars, buses or trucks. Motorcycles are two-wheelers and light weight. In a collision with other vehicles, a motorcycle would likely face more consequence due to its physical functions.

Just like a driver should not forget to tie his seat belt, a motorcycle rider should not ignore the helmet. In many places, especially in the poor countries, motorbike crashes occur mostly for low quality roads. Riders of such places should be extra cautious and never ride a motorcycle without helmets.

How Helmets Work?

The shell or the outer surface of a helmet is strong and protects the head from getting a direct impact. The cushions and padding inside a helmet absorbs the shock. It is designed to keep you safe during an impact.

Helmet Law

According to The UNC highway safety Research Center, the first universal motorcycle helmet law was approved in 1966. Wearing a helmet is mandatory while riding in most countries. In some counties, not only the rider but also the pillion is required to wear a helmet. 

Wearing a helmet is not a ‘must’ in some states of the United States. In California, both motorcyclist and passenger are bound to wear helmets while riding. As for example that there is no such helmet law in Illinois, Iowa, and New-Hampshire. In some states, helmets are required for riders above 18 years old.

The U.S. department of transportation states that the range of using helmets are about 42% in partial law states. In universal law states, the range is higher which is about 88 %. Wearing a helmet should be mandatory because studies show that the states see fewer deaths in motorcycle fatalities where wearing helmets are enforced and regulated by the authorities.

Why Do Some People Ignore Helmets?

Some riders feel that helmets are unnecessary. They are often over confident regardless of their driving skill. Many riders do not use helmets because they think that helmets might ruin their cool image. Some riders complain that helmets make them suffocated. Some even think that helmet ruin their hair also. Again, many people do not want to be forced to wear a helmet as to them it goes against their sense of freedom.

These excuses will not help on a bad day. Riders should prefer the security more than looks. Freedom of choice is important but a helmet does not harm you. Even though you are an excellent rider and have vast experience, you never know what’s waiting for you on the roads.

Choosing The Right Helmet

Many claim that people got head or brain injuries even their helmets on. Not every helmet in the market offers adequate protections. A cheap helmet is often only an accessory to a rider to get rid of fines. They are vulnerable and worthless.

A helmet is more valuable than money and a rider should always buy high-quality and certified helmets such as DOT and Snell. The stickers of these assure that they comply with motorcycle safety course. They check if the standard of manufacturing helmets are properly followed.

FAQ – Wearing Motorcycle Helmet

How many people died from not wearing a helmet?

Per 100,000 registered vehicles, nearly 60 of motorcyclists died in the last year. Unfortunately, most of them died due to head injuries.

Is a helmet really helpful?

Yes, studies show that a helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 69%.

Why do people not wear motorcycle helmets?

It is unfortunate but true that lots of people do not wear motorcycle helmets. They ignore the fact that this precious headgear might save their lives in a road disaster. Some are reluctant because they might be overconfident or too cautious about their images.

What happens if you don’t wear a helmet on a motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle is 38 times riskier than driving a car. Balancing a motorcycle sometimes hard specially during rain and on poor quality roads. Its physique does not give utmost securities. These are the reasons that you should always wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Wrap Up

Helmets and other safety gears are proven to reduce the risk of mortality in motorcycle crashes. It is as important to a rider as stethoscopes are important to doctors or guns to soldiers in wars. Motor vehicle helmet manufacturers should not just think of their benefits and create good quality helmets at affordable prices. This could encourage the motorcyclists to buy and use helmets. Governments and media also need to come forward and ensure wearing motorcycle helmets globally.

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