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Types Of Welding Helmets

Every welding helmets need to assemble within the National-Safety-Standards. You have to make sure that the welders are capable of working happily with the utmost protection. If you are in the welding business, the ultimate idea is the safety concern of your face. Nowadays, there are lots of standard types of welding helmets offered by different popular brands — everyone planned with their requirements with essential aspects. The particular needs will help you to buy a suitable helmet for your welding business.

We are going to discuss some regular types of welding helmets below. We will assist you with the benefits and drawbacks of these welding helmets style. Also, the suggestion will help you to understand the particular welding helmets for precise welding practices.

Let’s start from the beginning



At first, we are intended to explain the Auto Darkening welding helmets. In these helmets, the curve isn’t dynamic. But they’re still capable of protecting the visualization of a welder. Because the lens is seated at a shade of three or four parts that depending on the auto welding helmet. This feature is somewhat clear for you to look over your project thoroughly. Also, the darkness will help you to guard your eyes against unexpected sparks. There’s a lot of range of auto-darkening welding helmets presented in the online market. Because these auto darkening welding helmets are the essential instrument for you as a welder in the previous few decades. They’ve more or less swapped inactive welding helmets for the reason that they’re much protected with simpler to use as well.

7 types of welding helmets

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Same as the first category of a helmet, these passive welding helmets are used a great deal by the welders all over the welding industry nowadays. They are the primary instrument for any welding method. Auto darkening welding helmets have remarkably renovated them.

Passive Welding Helmet

The construction of the passive welding helmets is extremely solid with fantastic longevity. They are finished with firm materials. These helmets are less expensive than the auto darkening helmets. Also, they are incredibly user-friendly and lucrative as well. One thing the welders have to perform is to position them on before they set off the welding curve. Also, they hold your helmet gradually opposite to their faces throughout the whole welding time. The Black Jackson, Safety Fixed Shade W10 HSL 100 Welding Helmet by Jackson Safety, is the best model of the passive welding helmet.


fixed shade welding helmet

Even though the fixed shade lenses welding helmets are designed for a lot of unusual welding method, you are supposed to acquire the benefit of these helmets. If you’re mostly welding a regular kind of material, this is perfect for you. The fixed shade lenses welding helmets are generally associated with a shade ten lenses that is the most usual. If the welding work needs you to attempt with different materials, these fixed shade lenses are not compulsory in any way. At the same time as they’re on target limiting the flexibility as well. If you decide to do a single welding method for every project, then these fixed shade lenses welding helmets are suitable for your welding jobs.


changeable shade welding helmet

At this point let us talk about the welding helmets with changeable shade lenses. This category of helmets is considered a lot more suitable in connection to the permanent shade lenses. As it can alter to the several kinds of a welding technique, you can apply to your effort on every sort of materials. The light shade lenses oriented welding helmets can change for several types of material.  It means you can use these helmets to connect every kind of metals. The good thing is these helmets dark automatically. Also, they defend your eyes under every condition.


Solar Powered Welding Helmet

The solar power utilized welding helmets are incredibly familiar in the welding world. These helmets make use of the power of the sun to charge correctly. Also, they are in particular helpful if you employ outside welding plans. These helmets are incredibly trouble-free to load since you can leave the helmets at a bright place. Once you do not have any work, they will be able to recharge with solar power.

The most important benefit of this solar powered welding helmet is that you do not need to be anxious about paying money for your battery of the welding helmet. That is why they are consequently inexpensive as the helmets can save you lots of money.


The battery powered helmets are the next category of auto-darkening welding helmets that we are going to discuss. The primary benefit of the welding helmet is verifying that you can begin using these helmets straight away to the battery is charged. With these welding helmets, all you require to consider that containing an extra set of battery with you all the time if you would not like to miss the lacking of power supply for the welding helmet in the midway of your welding.


The amazing solar with battery powered welding helmet which we have to stumble upon and applied is the Solar Powered Deep Sea Welding Helmet. This helmet is with Auto Darkening Specialized cover by the Dekopro brand. No issue if you are professional or just a beginner, these welding helmets have immense visual clearness. They also have a significant battery life that permits you to be inclusive every welding plan you engage.

Wrap Up!

The welding helmet providing companies merge more than two or three of these categories to generate improved with extra efficient welding helmets. They are trying to get better the handiness of the expert and professional welders. The cost varieties differ many between a varieties of welding helmet categories. For this reason, you require to complete your research with decent acting according to the budget.

Have a nice day!

Weld safely!

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