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Welding is quite a dangerous job, and you probably know that already. If proper precautionary measures aren’t taken then severe casualties can take place within a second. A welding helmet not only protects the face, but it also protects your eyes and neck. 

Whether you’re a professional or a part-time welder, the importance of headgear is extremely vital as accidents can happen any second. There are many welding helmets on the market, so, you might have a hard time finding the right one for you. Also, not every helmet will provide you with the same amount of safety and protection. 

antra welding helmet reviews

We have come up with this review in order to find the right welding helmet that you have been looking for. Antra has a range of phenomenal welding helmets that will provide you with the highest amount of protection while welding. It’s not the flame that’s the only concern, but also the harmful radiation emitted during welding. 

These Antra helmets will provide you with overall protection so that you can do better without risking your safety. Let’s dive into antra welding helmet reviews.

There are many Antra helmets out there on the market. Antra has several series of helmets like Antra AH6, Antra AH7.  Among those series, we have chosen the best five that will be suitable for a wide variety of people. Let’s take a look at our top five picks for Antra helmets.

A list of 5 Best Lightweight Antra Welding Helmets

  1. Antra AH6-260 Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  2. Antra AH7-360-7318 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  3. Antra AH6-330 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  4. Antra AH7-220 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  5. 5. Antra AH7-360-7321 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Antra AH6-260 Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet


The Antra AH6-260 is one of the most popular auto darkening welding helmets on the market that offers superior performance along with excellent durability. It’s designed to perform arc welding along with MIG, TIG, plasma arc, and many other welding tasks. 

It comes in a basic black design. It features a very lightweight design, and it only weighs 455 grams when fully assembled. So, if all those heavy helmets have been weighing your head down all these days, then give this one a try.

This helmet is super affordable, and it has a great price to performance ratio. It has four arc sensors, which make it quite a steal for the price. These sensors help to quickly shift the lens from light to dark shade to keep your eyes protected.

It features a decent viewing screen measuring 3.86 inches x 1. 73 inches. The screen provides a nice and clear at the welding so that you can work with full potential. The auto-darkening feature also doesn’t require you to manually flip the helmet, so there will be no hindrance during the work.

The AH6-260 comes with several shade variations ranging from 5 to 13, five being the lightest and thirteen is the darkest. It can go from light to dark in just about 1/25000 second. So, damage to the eyes is never an option with the AH6-260. It’s also equipped with a quick grinding switch to shift to grinding before welding.

This helmet is operated by two replaceable CR2032 lithium batteries. It also supports solar panel charging to ensure you never run out of power. There is a battery indicator and a self-darkening test button that provides the maximum amount of convenience for the user. This is one of the best welding helmets on the market. 


  • Solar power, as well as battery, is included.
  • Quick lens shifting time.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • The viewing area is not very large.

Antra AH7-360-7318 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra AH7-360-7318

If you want to jazz up your welding time and looking for something funky to accompany you, then take a look at the Antra AH7-360-7318. This is another splendid creation by Antra that doesn’t only look great but also performs well.

This helmet comes in six beautiful designs and color variations. The price slightly varies with different designs. However, you get to pick something that will match your personality and style, which is worth a few extra bucks.

It can perform various heavy-duty welding tasks such as TIG, MIG, MMA, plasma application and several more. On top of that, it also includes grinding features which add great value to this unit. It’s super easy to operate, so be it a novice or a professional, anyone can operate it successfully.

The lens shade range varies from four to thirteen on this helmet. It changes from the lightest to the darkest in just about 1/25000 of a second, so your eyes will be protected from the sparks. It also saves the eye from radiation such as UV or IR which is emitted during welding.

The Ah7-360-7318 weighs only one pound. It will not weigh the head down and help you work carefree. The viewing area on this helmet measures 3.86 inches x 2.09 inches.

It provides a clear view of your work, and it not only provides a frontal view but also gives a clean peripheral view as well. There’s also an option for magnification, and you can magnify up to 2x zoom to get a clearer picture of your work.

It features auto-darkening technology. There are four arc sensors which immediately detect when the weld is about to spark and change the lens setting from light too dark to ensure maximum safety for your eyes.


  • It can perform multiple welding tasks.
  • It features auto-darkening technology.
  • Provides maximum safety to the eyes.


  • Magnification lenses need to be bought separately.

Antra ‎AH6-330 Welding Helmet


If you’re a hardcore welder who’s looking for a rugged yet funky helmet then the Antra AH6-660 is your guy. It’s a superb helmet that is suitable for heavy-duty welding applications. It’s affordable and offers extreme durability that can withstand some rigorous activities.

Antra has done an outstanding job with the design of the helmet. You don’t need to be stuck with a mundane looking helmet anymore. It comes with a fancy skull color.

This helmet is equipped with a large viewing area that will enable you to have a clear look at your work. Measuring at 3.8 inches x 2.09 inches, it gives a clear view of the overall work, not just the frontal part. 

The arc sensors detect when the weld is about to spark. One of the best features of the Ah6-330 is that it has 4 arc sensors. Most standard welding helmets come with two arc sensors, but this helmet has outdone itself in these criteria. These extra sensors will shift the lens from light to dark more swiftly during sparks, therefore, providing your eyes with better protection.

It features an impressive range of shades. From the lightest shade of 3 to the darkest of 13, it can change within a fraction of a second. This helmet is extremely easy to operate. From novices to professionals, everyone can handle this bad boy easily.

Imagine your helmet runs out of battery or goes through some sort of power failure, and you get partially blinded by those extremely bright flashes. Well, with this headgear, you’ll face no such issue. The AH6-330 features a unique feature that enables it to go to the super dark mode of shade-16 in case of any electrical failure.


  • Multiple shade range
  • Several shades
  • 4 arc sensors


  • Slightly on the heavier side

Antra AH7-220 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet


Antra helmets are known to be a perfect fit for heavy-duty welding tasks and the AH7-220 is no different. It has a rugged build quality that can withstand vigorous welding activities. It’s designed to perform welding tasks such as electric arc from TIG, MIG, MMA applications and many more.

The AH7-220 has quite a rugged outlook, but it weighs quite lightweight. Welders who need to wear the headgear for long hours often suffer from neck and back pain. However, this helmet weighs only 1 pound, so you’ll face no issues with it even after hours of wear.

Along with heat and flame, it also saves you from harmful UV and IR radiations that are emitted during welding. On top of that, this helmet is ANSI approved. It’s made with Polyamide Nylon that offers durability and quality. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality helmet with an affordable price tag then the AH7-220 is your guy.

It’s equipped with 2 arc sensors that effectively detect any spark and change the lens setting from light to dark. It has a viewing area with a size of 3.62 inches x 1.63 inches. The viewing area might not be the largest in the market, but it does justice to the price.

It comes with a full automatic turn off and on feature and there’s also a knob to manually adjust the light sensitivity according to your liking. The best part is all the goodness that it offers comes at a very affordable price tag.

This helmet is powered by lithium batteries, and it’s also equipped with solar charging facilities to ensure you never run out of charge while working.


  • Auto-darkening technology.
  • Grinding application.
  • Quick reaction time.


  • 2 arc sensors only.

Antra AH7-360-7321 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra AH7-360

If a regular helmet makes you feel suffocated, or you want something to get that extra bit of coverage, then the Antra AH7-360-7321 is the one for you. It is a jumbo size welding helmet that will give you the maximum amount of protection while welding.

It’s an auto-darkening helmet that has auto turn off and turn on technology that prevents all sorts of damage to the eyes. It can perform a number of welding tasks such as MIG, TIG, plasma application and more. It includes the grinding application as well.

It has scull prints all over the helmet, which gives it quite a rugged look. Despite the jumbo size, it weighs only a pound. Antra ensures that the welder doesn’t feel uncomfortable, and they have equipped the helmet with an adjustable headband that can be twisted open for easy access.

It’s made with high-quality polyamide Nylon that offers extreme durability. It can withstand severe impact without making a dent on the helmet.

It features a large viewing window measuring 3.78 inches x 3.50 inches. The large window size makes it easier to have a clear view of the weld, and it also includes a magnification option for those who want a clearer picture of their work. However, the magnification lens needs to be bought separately as it doesn’t come with the helmet itself.

The AH7-860 is equipped with 4 arc sensors that instantly detect when the weld is about to spark. It can transform the lens from light to dark in about 0.00004 seconds, so your eyes will stay absolutely damage free and well-protected throughout the time.

It features two replaceable lithium batteries along with a solar charging system. The solar panel ensures non-stop operation even when the batteries run out.


  • Solar charging along with battery power.
  • Auto-darkening technology.
  • Lightweight.


  • The price is a bit on the steeper side.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Purchasing Antra Welding Helmet

antra welding helmet manual

Well knowing about the helmets is not enough when it comes about welding helmets because one helmet doesn’t meet everyone’s requirements. There are some other factors that should be considered before making the purchase.

Types of Welding Helmet

Helmets come in two different types. Auto-darkening and passive shield. Auto darkening welding helmets are gaining more popularity day by day due to the convenience they provide. Their lens automatically turns dark when the weld is about to spark. 

This feature helps to keep your eyes safe and protected because flipping the hood manually up and down will slow down your work and that also causes the risk of accidents. This sort of helmet not only protects the eyes, but it also protects your face and neck from the harmful UV or infra-red radiation that is emitted during welding. 

On the other hand, passive shield helmets are the old school welding helmets that require you to flip the hood manually when you’re about to stop the arc. The viewing window on these helmets has one distinctive shade which can be bothersome at times.

However, these helmets cost a lot less than the auto-darkening ones, so if you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to splurge on the helmet, then these could be a good option for you.


If you’re a professional welder then you’ll have to wear the helmet for long hours. If the helmet is heavy, then it will weigh the head down and the long – term usage of such a helmet may incur several health problems such as neck and back issues. 

We often ignore the fact that a helmet weighs half a pound or a pound more than the standard weight. However, when you’re constantly carrying something heavy, it results in damaging effects in the long run. 

So, don’t get something more than you can carry just because it looks nice or has more specs. Make sure the helmet is comfortable and try it before the purchase. Check the adjustment features and the straps to whether they work properly or not.

Arc Sensors

One of the most important features of a welding helmet is the arc sensor. The arc sensor determines how quickly the lens will go from light to dark in order to protect your eyes from damages. Welding helmets usually come with two or four sensors. Two sensors work fine, but the more, the better.

Reaction Time

Suppose you’re on a crucial welding task, but the helmet doesn’t switch the lens on time and your lens is still light when the weld sparks. Absolute nightmare, right? Situations like these may leave you partially blinded and often create long – term injuries to the eyes.

All the Antra helmets that we reviewed are auto-darkening. Generally, auto-darkening helmets have a switching time between 0.00003 to 0.00004 second. The faster the switching speed, the lesser the risk of damaging the eyes.

Safety Standard

Never opt for a helmet that doesn’t meet the requirements of safety standards. There are several safety standard tests passed by the government. If the helmet doesn’t pass the safety tests then there’s no point buying those as they’ll be unable to provide you with the protection that you need. All the Antra helmets are ANSI approved so they provide the maximum level of durability and protection.

Control Sensitivity and Knobs

The auto-darkening helmets come with a sensitivity feature that enables the welder to choose the desired brightness or the sensitivity level they want. This feature comes in really handy when you’re working in a low-temperature environment as the arc is not as bright as the normal condition. Some helmets also feature delay control where the welder can fix the duration of how long the lens will remain dark after the arc stops. 

Welding helmets have different knob placements as well. Some have the knobs inside and some have them outside. The external knobs allow the welder to easily adjust the setting without removing it. 

As the internal knobs are placed inside the helmet, the user needs to remove them in order to change the settings. The main benefit of using a helmet with an internal knob is that you get to avoid situations where you accidentally change the settings by mistakenly touching it.

Frequently Asking Questions About Antra Welding Helmet Review

Do welding helmets come in different sizes?

Welding helmets usually come in one standard size that fits most adults. However, there are adjustable straps attached to the helmet that help to fit the helmet according to the welder’s head size.

Is Antra a reliable manufacturer?

Antra started their journey in 2005 and since then they have created some phenomenal welding appliances. They have a wide range of welding helmets suitable for people with different skill levels and budget. At Antra, you’ll definitely find a welding helmet that suits your requirements.

How do I charge the helmet?

All the Antra helmets that we reviewed are powered by lithium batteries. They also include a solar charging panel to ensure that you don’t have to stop welding even when the battery runs out.

Are these helmets suitable for novice welders?

The Antra helmets have a very easy operating process. You will get an instruction manual to get a better idea of how to operate the headgear.

Wrap Up !

Welding is quite a risky job and safety is the most vital concern while welding. If proper precautionary measures aren’t taken then you may end up with serious injuries. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional welder, having a proper headgear is a must.

Well, there are numerous welding gears in the market and finding the right one is quite an intriguing task. Since their inception in 2005, Antra has come up with some revolutionary welding helmets that are just too good to be true.

In this review, we have picked the best creations by Antra in order to help you to find the right on for you. From expensive to budget-friendly, this reviews contains something everyone with a different price range.

There are several other factors that one should consider before making the purchase decision. We have noted down all the crucial factors that should be considered to ensure that you have the one you need.

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