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As welders, above anything else, our safety is a top priority when we do our job’s day in and day out. And since we need visual clarity for us to do good work for either our clients or passionate projects, we need to protect our eyes all the time.

yeswelder helmet review

Our eyes are constantly exposed to debris or sparks coming off of what we are working on and this can pose serious dangers to our vision. Needless to say, our eyesight is everything, not just like welders but in every aspect of our lives.

Helmets are our shield from such dangers and so, this article is a Yeswelder helmet review. One of the most trusted and best brands in the industry. Let’s get started!

What is a true color welding helmet?

As much as these welding helmets protect our eyes and faces when we are working, it’s quite true that for decades now it has been hard to see through them. Most helmets don’t let a lot of color through (for a good reason), except for maybe a lot of green. It has always been a tricky business, but not until recently.

There have been developments in terms of the technology involved in processing and manufacturing welding helmets. Here comes, true color welding helmets.

With the advent of these game-changing helmets, welders are now able to see better and clearer colors that would benefit them greatly as they do their job. This is made possible by specially designed filters that are fitted into the helmets to help create clearer and crispier vision.

And, at the same time, we still get adequate protection from harmful light and wavelengths such as ultraviolet, infrared, and blue. Not only that, but these helmets also reduce eye strain.

To date, it’s not always all the green that you’ll see through your helmet, but a lot of “true” colors. What a treat!

The technology used will be explained further once we discuss our featured products.

YESWELDER – LYG-L500A True Color Welding Helmet


Features in Focus

Starting off our true color welding helmet review with a superb and popular model. The YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet-LYG-L500A.

True Color and superb clarity

Now, your view on welding is not only good but better. This upgraded helmet from Yeswelder still has the 1-1-1-2 optical clarity rating, but with much-improved visibility and also eye strain reduction, minimizing traditional lime green coloring on your helmet’s view screen.

Comfortable and Lightweight

The whole hood is designed with lightweight and unique headgear, so it’s a more comfortable wear, even if you’ll do so the whole day.

It’s an overall great headgear, and it comes in cool other designs, the LYG-L500A-A and the LYG-L500B, with the lightning and the fire female designs respectively.

Features Summary

  • Wide Shade 4/9-13.
  • Perfect for TIG MIG MMA.
  • The Viewing Size is 3.64 X 1.67 inches plus Two Premium Sensors.
  • Better clarity and True color view: 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity.
  • Magnifying Lens and Cheater Lens Compatible Design.
  • Increased battery life.
  • Superior comfort brought about by the pivot style headgear.

Our Review

We’ve tried this one out, and we were blown away by the features on such an affordable welding helmet. The shade adjustment, the auto-darkening, and the color are just so crisp we were very satisfied with it. No matter what your skill level is, this is a must-have, so grab yours now!

yeswelder LYG L500A true color welding helmet


  • Great clarity and color.
  • Decent view area.
  • Durable material.
  • Quick auto-darkening.
  • Comfortable wear.
  • Popular product.
  • Great price point.


  • Non-replaceable batteries are not long-lasting and problematic.

What do people say about it?

This model enjoys considerably good ratings online. On Amazon, it currently holds a 4.6 out of 5-star rating with a 75% 5-star ratings. It’s hard to find negative reviews about this true-color welding helmet.

People are raving about what a great deal or a bargain this welding helmet is because it’s quite affordable and, surprisingly, brings more quality than one would expect. The decent viewing area plus the fast auto-darkening response is a feature that is most often praised by users, both pros and hobbyists. A good start for our list and the brand.

YESWELDER True Color 4/5/9 Welder Mask

YESWELDER True Color welder mask

Features in Focus:

Comfortable and Updated Headgear

This helmet is pampered with an oversized comfort cushion that will provide extensive adjustability, configuration, and also improved support because it is designed with a better fit in mind.

New and Improved Battery

There were complaints about Yeswelder product batteries dying prematurely. So this one has a new, improved non-replaceable battery which is sure to last for a long while.

Features Summary:

  • 2 Arc Sensors 4/5-9.
  • Perfect for TIG MIG MMA.
  • Viewing Size is 3.64 X 1.67 inches plus Two Premium Sensors.
  • Better clarity and True color view: 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity.
  • Magnifying Lens and Cheater Lens Compatible Design.
  • Increased battery life.
  • Superior comfort brought about by the pivot style headgear.

Our Review

The features of this one and its quality won’t overwhelm you, but it is still a good welding helmet, especially for beginners. It’s not too much to spend on and, at the same time, delivers the features you’d need. The true color design, though, is still top-notch.

YESWELDER True Color 4 5 9 Welder Mask


  • Spot on adjustments.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Functionality is superb.
  • Shade adjustment and auto-darkening are reliable.
  • Superb clarity and color.
  • Great price point.


  • Some plastic parts break rather easily.

What do people say about it?

This model is less popular than the previous one, although it still enjoys pretty decent reviews online. It currently holds a 4.1 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and that’s with 65% 5-star ratings. The comments and reviews are mostly positive.

What stands out is the adjustable shade that is super convenient to utilize. People are saying that the helmet itself works really well. It’s also quite a durable helmet.

Some negative reviews pertain to some of the helmet’s parts, like the harness and the knobs getting turned easily. People are testifying that it’s at a perfect weight, so it’s comfortable to wear and, overall, it’s a great product.

YESWELDER LYG M800D auto darkening welding helmet


Features in Focus

This one comes with a new and improved solar cell battery, easily adjustable time delay plus sensitivity control, and some nifty features like an automatic ON/OFF mode, low battery indicator, and a quick grind switch best for grinding before welding.

Consistent Protection

This helmet is infused with a passive UV/IR filter that works continuously and also independently, to provide consistent functionalities with or without power.

Features Summary:

  • Perfect for TIG MIG MMA with Grinding.
  • Viewing Size 3.64 X 1.67 inches plus 2 Premium Sensors.
  • Better clarity and True color view: 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity.
  • Increased battery life.
  • Wider Shade Range: DIN4 / DIN9~13.
  • Response time is at ≤1/10000 S.

Our Review

This model is superb, it’s durable, it is constructed with passion and works as a top-notch welding helmet. If you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your eyes and face, then look no further. It’s comfortable to wear, plus your vision, we tell you, is safe from any flashes.

Yeswelder LYG M800D auto darkening Helmet


  • Great durable material.
  • Great price point.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • True color, good clarity.
  • Great basic helmet overall.


  • Auto-darkening on this model is a bit too sensitive.

What do people say about it?

At this point, we think that it’s quite common for Yeswelder products to get adoration from its users and buyers. I mean, the quality is vindicated by the reviewers. This one, you guessed it, also gets good reviews online.

Standing at 4.5 out of 5 stars and a 73% 5-star rating, it’s no doubt a quality product. Great value for money, perfect for serious welders, a great fit, and the functionality is off the charts.

YESWELDER-EH-1002 Welding Helmet


Features in Focus:

Wide-Screen View

True Color technology enables you to see better, and most especially, see more. The large viewport gives you a full range of vision of your welding area. This, in turn, enhances your overall control.

Comfortable Headgear

Just an overall, properly cushioned headgear with the best fit and comfort offered to its user.

Features Summary

  • 4 Arc Sensor Wide Shade 4~5/9-9/13.
  • Perfect for TIG MIG MMA.
  • Plasma Applications infused with Grinding Feature.
  • Ultra Large Viewing Size with 3.93 X 3.27 inches plus 4 Premium Sensors.
  • Better clarity and True color view: 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity.
  • Increased battery life.
  • Superior comfort brought about by the pivot style headgear.

Our Review

This one is also a top-rated welding helmet. Not only is its true color feature spot on, but at the same time, it is quite ideal for any skill level. The large frame or viewport is its most notable feature, so you get the best view of what you are working on with crystal clear clarity.



  • Perfect for TIG welding.
  • Amazingly large viewing area.
  • A comfortable wear.
  • Good price.
  • Durable helmet.
  • Truly near colored helmet.


  • Some users report arc flashes that hurt the eyes.

What do people say about it?

The latest model from Yeswelder is also doing pretty well online. Once again, on Amazon, it holds 4.5 out of 5 stars on average and a 76% 5-star rating. The major negative review we found about it is that there are some arc flashes when welding and that can’t be good.

But aside from that, most other reviews are on the good side. It’s indeed a near true color welding helmet, and it’s perfect for TIG MIG and ARC. It works just as well as advertised. We congratulate the brand on the job well done on developing these awesome true color welding helmets.

That’s the last product on our true color welding helmet review, but wait there’s more! There is more valuable information in our next few sections, so just keep on reading.

About the brand

Yeswelder’s mantra is perhaps delivering high-quality but affordable welding equipment meant for not only seasoned welders but most especially those who are breaking in the field.

A vision to not only be another welding company prompted the brand to create high-end welding equipment for all skill levels. They scoured the world, spoke with all kinds of welders to understand what they really needed. The result, is accessible welding tools that make welder’s job easier and more comfortable, not to mention better even for non-professionals and hobbyists.

Started manufacturing in 2006, Yeswelder has had a direct to consumer business since 2018. No middlemen, no suppliers, it’s the company, and you are doing business directly. It has become a force in the industry and, because of their down-to-earth strategies, they understand more about their clientele yielding to high-quality equipment.

Yeswelder Helmet : The Buying Guide

As part of our comprehensive research, we present to you the things you should watch out for when buying a new true color welding helmet.

The first thing that you got to check is its very essence. It’s quite straightforward, A true color welding helmet will give you superb clarity of vision and better colors. But what we have to realize is one important component — the auto-darkening feature.

Make sure to check out the quality and adjustability of the auto-darkening filter on your helmet. There is what we call the response/reaction time, which is the time it takes to switch from light mode to dark mode.

What is the adjustable latency of your helmet when switching back and forth? Your eyes will strain faster, and your vision may get affected if you keep on looking at glowing lights as you work. So remember, auto-darkening is key!

It’s also important to take note of the different levels of shading that you use for a variety of jobs. Again, make sure the helmet is easily adjustable in this regard.

Also, check out the knobs for manual adjustment, check for sensitivity, and check for functionality. You don’t want them to go badly before the actual helmet. That’s a big no!

The next thing you got to make sure of is the viewport size. Large viewing screens are best for beginners because you don’t need to move your head that much while working, you can follow arcs easily.

On the other hand, smaller viewing screens are preferable for more seasoned welders, especially for auto-darkening welding helmets, although the ergonomics and the overall design of the mask should not be disregarded.

Also, take note that smaller viewports equate to lighter masks and lighter masks equate to less strain on your neck. Which brings us to the overall weight of the helmet. Make sure it’s not much.

Material. Welding helmets are mostly made of Polycarbonate, ABS plastic, and Nylon 66 (PA66). Naturally, each would have their unique advantage over the other and other ramifications too.

Polycarbonates are a safe, durable, and high-impact resistance material. The downside of this one is that it’s not that scratch-resistant. ABS plastic, on the other hand, is tough and has no discernible melting point. It’s also quite shock-absorbent. Lastly, Nylon 66 is highly recommended because it is tough, has high mechanical strength, and has high energy radiation resistance.

Warranty is also quite important. Make sure to protect your investment for any parts replacement and, at the same time, availability of any additional parts.

Respirator system? Some welding helmets (expensive ones) have respiratory systems built- in them. Inhaling fumes all the time ain’t too good for your body, so maybe that extra investment in this feature is worth it. Or maybe you can try a dust shield.

Overall, look for a headgear that fits well, has got good cushioning, and is adjustable. You’re going to wear this all day most of the time, so make sure that it’s comfortable.


Here are concise answers to some common questions related to helmets, safety, and eyesight.


Good quality welding helmets would last for as long as 7 years (non-replaceable battery). The problem with this is that once the battery stops working, then the lens won’t work either. Auto-darkening helmets with replaceable batteries plus solar assist can be a better investment.


Miller, Instapark, Antra, Tanox, and Dekopro are some other reliable but affordable welding helmet brands on the market. Each brand will naturally have its unique strengths and cons, so it’s important to research before investing in equipment.


Yes and yes! Welding masks or helmets are necessary for preventing arc eye, which is a painful condition where your cornea can get inflamed. Welding helmets will also prevent retina burns that may lead to loss of vision. Unprotected exposure to highly concentrated ultraviolet and also infrared rays emitted when welding may cause both conditions, so you must always wear your mask or welding helmet.


Visible light from the welding process can be very bright and may overwhelm the ability of your iris to close sufficiently and also rapidly enough to filter the brightness of light reaching the retina. The result of this is that light can be temporarily blinding and at the same time fatiguing the eye.

Not just the eyes, welding can also be detrimental to your lungs when proper safety measures are disregarded. Consistency inhaling fumes can be a cause of health issues in the long run. So make sure to take care of your body when working. Wear proper protective gear whenever necessary.


When welders don’t wear proper protection for their eyes from the arc, they can commonly suffer what we call the “welder’s flash”, or sometimes referred to as Photokeratitis. This is a condition caused by consistent exposure to intense UV radiation, resulting in not just temporary blindness but also extreme discomfort. More extreme eye injuries, in rare cases, may result in permanent blindness.

Wrap Up

We urge hobbyists and professional welders alike to always wear safety helmets when working. And these Yeswelder true color welding helmets are some of the best products out there that you can choose from.

Maximum protection guaranteed! Built tough, built to last, and most of all, at a good price point. You’d never ask for more once you’ve tried this awesome safety gear. Oh! Never hesitate as a novice, because these are the best welding masks for beginners.  

Thank you so much for checking out our Yeswelder helmet review, and we hope that you picked up a thing or two that could be valuable not only for your next shopping decision but for your career.

Stay safe!

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