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Usually people worship the army. Because of what they do for their country, the Military get the respect they deserve. Many of us dream to be a military man and to carry the flag of the country. Whether we become a military or not, a lot of us idolize them because of the love for them. We buy things what resemble to them. Military motorcycle helmet is one of these stuffs especially for the motor bikers. This post is for those who are looking for to buy army helmets. 

military motorcycle helmet


Before you buy one, you need to know some facts of the military motorcycle helmets. Take it as a warning or advice. These helmets are not full face helmets and actually designed not only for motorcycling purposes. Its chief purpose is to provide protection during wars or difficult situations. A dedicated regular motorcycle helmet is usually aerodynamic and lightweight. 

It generally guards a rider’s head during impact, thus preventing or reducing head injury and saving the rider’s life. Military helmets are not capable to provide such security but still it can produce decent protection in lower speed accidents. They are not very effective and cover only the top of the head. That means the remaining face is left exposed to injury. Military helmets are quite similar to the mountain biking helmets in terms of facial coverage.


Military helmets are generally made of ballistic materials such as Kevlar and Twaron. The NSRDEC helmet is made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. This type of helmet is lighter than Kevlar. Since the mid 2000s, the United States Army’s current combat helmet is Advanced Combat Helmet which is better known as ACH. It weighs only 2.94 pounds (1.33 kg) and nonetheless offers better protection. 

You’ll be surprised to hear that this helmet is not DOT approved. As we have already told you once, this helmet is designed to reduce penetration injury mostly. It has no high density of foam padding. That means, it lacks cushioning. It is required for a standard motorcycle helmet for comfort. It has an adjustable head harness only. The Marines use the Lightweight Helmet (LWH). It is an armored helmet which replaced the former PASGT combat helmet.

Are Military Helmets Bulletproof?

Several of you are curious to know whether a military helmet is bulletproof. Ballistic helmet is not bulletproof. However, Modern army helmets are really great. They can afford a certain level of security to its wearer from shrapnel, bomb explosions, bullet shots from very long ranges. On that account, do not assume that they are bullet proof, or they can stop bullets.

Should You Use Military Motorcycle Helmet?

A military helmet can be helpful in a battlefield. It could give a soldier protection against shrapnel, blunt objects and shell fragments. It can also be used as camouflage. However, most special forces soldiers never wear helmets. The reasons they are reluctant to wear it are they often carry a lot of stuff such as ammunition, weapons, water, and a few other things on their back. Because of those, helmets oftentimes become a luxury. 

should i use military helmet

Helmet can be a further burden when the speed of motorcycle is not a major issue, particularly when the soldiers are at the enemy lines or at special missions.

They occasionally need to move fast and quiet. They sometimes move great distances without being noticed. A helmet is often an unnecessary load due to its shape and weight.

Another reason is that the military helmet is very hot. They are not made for comfort and thus lack air circulating technology. Modern soldiers’ helmets are often attached with other technologies like Bluetooth, cameras etc so everything is recorded or watched.

It does not mean that wearing a helmet is not important and the militaries are well aware of that. They always wear helmets in normal circumstances but not when they’re a liability.

Patriotic Motorcycle Helmet

Military Motorcycle Helmets are popular to the civilians typically who are in love of old school. These helmets are classy and attractive but unfortunately can not provide comprehensive protection to a motorcyclist. The riders who prefer customized bikes and motorcycles and can sacrifice a bit of security usually go for these kinds of helmets.

As for example, the fighter pilot motorcycle helmet and the aviator style motorcycle helmets are two very popular air force helmets among the bikers. These helmets are built with light materials but maintained a standard safety system. Another common vintage military helmet is The Stahlhelm. It is a German military helmet which means Steel helmet or metal helmet.


How effective are military helmets for motorbike riding?

Military helmets are less effective than a traditional dedicated motorcycle helmet. Military helmets are very light weight and less comfortable than other helmets.

Is it safe to wear a military helmet for motorcycling?

Military motorcycle helmets can give protection at low speed during an impact. However, it’s not full face so even in low speed collisions, injury is plausible to occur.

What helmet does the army use?

Generally, the United States Army has been using Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) since the mid 2000.

Is it worthy to buy a military motorcycle helmet?

Military helmets are worth for the vintage and elegant motorcycle helmet lovers. We recommend using a dedicated motorbike helmet for daily usage.

Wrap Up

Military helmets are so popular because of its badass looks. It differentiates someone from a peasant biker, like the movie series ‘Sons of Anarchy’. We frequently notice the public use these helmets with military uniforms such as sunglasses, jackets, leather boots etc. We recommend you to have a dedicated motorbike helmet with Snell or DOT certified for your everyday usage even if you own a military helmet. Before putting a military helmet on your head, go through your state’s motorcycle helmet law as it could be illegal to wear it for some states without permission.

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