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A biker can not ignore his motorcycle helmet as it offers life-saving benefits. No matter how good a bike drives, he never knows when an accident may occur.

Therefore, when you ride your bike whether the distance is short or long. However, this helmet may have been the cause of the trouble.

Many motorcyclists blame their helmets for their hair loss. And they are really worried about, how to protect hair from helmet?

Motorcyclists are reluctant to use a helmet as they believe that wearing helmet results the scalp gets suffocated. Motorcycle riders also add that the helmet prevents the flow of blood to the scalp. Well, there is no scientific answer or explanation for this.

Again, many say that the hair loss has nothing to do with the helmet. To them, hair fall is mostly due to genetic reasons.

How To Protect Hair From Helmet

Can A Motorcycle Helmet Cause Hair Loss?

I asked many experienced bikers and still looking for the right answer. Nevertheless, I assumed that the helmet was responsible for hair loss.

In that case, which one is important to you? Your safety, or your hair? I know what you’re thinking. Nothing is more important when the question is about security.

So, do you have to leave the love of your hair to ride a bike? Of course not! You have to just take care of something.

No, I am not here to advertise any branded shampoo or oil here. I will show you, step by step, how you can protect your precious hair.

Choose Your Helmet Correctly

First of all, we must use a good quality helmet. Hopefully, using a good helmet will stop hair fall.

It is not easy to find a good quality helmet. There are many helmets available in the market. How do you know which helmet is best to get rid of hair loss?

When buying a helmet, you must look for a helmet with well ventilation. The vented helmet ensures enough air circulation which keeps your head dry. Many times a rider rides a bike in the heat.

Because of the prolonged hours of riding and the heat makes the hair become oily due to sweating.

As we all know, sweat causes hair to fall. If you pity your hair, use a quality helmet that has air circulation capability.

Some helmets are made with cheap leather. If you use them, you will get nothing but damaged hair.

You will sweat a lot. The skin of your head even experiences fungus as your helmet accumulates the sweat.

You will sweat a lot. Long periods of wearing a sweaty helmet can cause fungus on your scalp, leading to acne.

It is strongly advised to stay away from those cheap helmets. There are no alternatives to quality-certified helmets.

how to choose your helmet correctly

Care For Your Helmet

Many people buy good quality helmets, but do not get much benefit. Their hairs do not stop falling. Why? Because they do not take care of it. Keep your helmet clean at all times.

Keep the helmet dry and hygiene. It is best to wash the helmet at least once a month. Many helmets have become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

This is one of the reasons for hair fall. To protect the helmet from bacteria, use an antibacterial cleaner solution. Even if everything is fine with your helmet, change helmet every three years.

Helmet Hair Guard

Many bikers have suggested helmet hair guards to prevent hair from falling off. The helmet guard usually covers the maximum hair area. According to the users, it is very durable and healthy.

It is made of antibacterial material. It has two layers of hydrophilic materials that absorb sweat. As a result, the helmet becomes sweat odorless and there are no sweat stains.

Hair Cover For Helmet

If your skin is oily and if you sweat more than others, use a tissue on the helmet. Do not use excessive dry tissue. Use soft tissue.

This will keep the skin on your head dry and prevent hair from falling. Do not forget to change the tissue every time you put your helmet off.

Cloth To Wear Inside Helmet

You can also use a soft scarf or handkerchief instead of tissue. Be careful! Do not block the holes of the ventilation. Handkerchiefs are more effective than tissues during long trips.

If you are a regular helmet user, you should regularly exercise blood circulation on the head scalp. If you search on YouTube you will see many videos about this. If you have good blood circulation in the skin of your head, hair loss will be reduced.

Here Is A Video For You

Braid Your Hair Carefully

Traction alopecia is another reason for hair fall. If the hair is pulled tightly (ponytail hair) or if you are tensed then the roots of the hair become soft and damage the hair. Make sure to use such a helmet that does not pull your hair tightly. Use a good-fitting helmet that fits easily and not too tight.

Negligence, while wearing and putting off a helmet can also cause hair loss. You have to be gentle and slow when you wear or put off your helmet. You have noticed many times the hair is stuck on the edge or under the stripe. Right?

How To Prevent Hair Loss From A Motorcycle Helmet

You should wash your hair regularly. It makes your hair healthy and prevents dandruff and dryness. By washing your hair regularly, you can keep your helmet away from dandruff and bacteria. This will help reduce hair fall.

Use good shampoo and moisturizer to keep the hair nice and dry. Clean hair keeps your helmet clean and hygiene.

how to Prevent Hair Loss From A Motorcycle Helmet

Avoid Wearing The Helmet On Wet Hair

Do not wear the helmet just after washing your hair. Wait, have some patience. Give it some time to let it dry. If you are in a hurry then blow dry it. This will prevent it from sweat mixing with your hair and will reduce the hair problems.

Let’s Talk About Some Most Frequently Asked Questions About How To Avoid Helmet Hair

What should I wear before wearing a helmet?

Can use the helmet guard. You can also use a soft cloth or handkerchief or tissue inside the helmet.

Do helmets cause hair loss?

It is believed by many bikers that helmet might cause hair loss. However, there is no scientific explanation.

How do I protect my hair while riding a bike?

Always keep your hair and helmet clean. Take proper steps for sweat management. Keep soft cloth or tissue inside the helmet. You can use the helmet guard if you want. Use the right size of helmet which fits good. Do not rush while wearing and putting it off.

How can I stop my hair loss?

Try using a good quality vented helmet, keeping hair clean, keeping soft cloth or tissue inside the helmet, and above all, taking care of the hair and helmet.

Wrap Up

The size, ventilation, and inner leather of a helmet are crucial. You need to buy the right helmet for you to prevent hair loss. If you came to this article having the question in your mind that if helmet causes hair fall then I hope that you have got your answer.

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