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Helmet Size Chart

When it comes to protecting yourself from an accident, choosing the right helmet size is one of the most important things. Helmets come with different shape and size. All the sizes will not suit everyone. If you are a motorcyclist or rider, a helmet size chart can help to find out which helmet size will suit perfectly on your head.

In this article, we are going to explain a standard helmet size chart along with all the necessary details you need to know regarding it.

Let’s get started.

Helmet Size Chart

Helmets can be bought either for adults or children. Here goes a size chart that will help to find out the best helmet for you. For child helmet size, you must need some detailed discussion.

Appropriate helmet sizes for adults compared to the circumference of the head

Helmet SizesCircumference Of The Head
XXL63 to 64 Centimeters
XL61 to 62 Centimeters
L59 to 60 Centimeters
M57 to 58 Centimeters
S55 to 56 Centimeters
XS53 to 54 Centimeters

Appropriate helmet sizes for children compared to the circumference of the head

Helmet SizesCircumference Of The Head
Large51 to 52 Centimeters
Medium49 to 50 Centimeters
Small47 to 48 Centimeters

How To Determine The Perfect Helmet Size For You?

Several companies like HJC, BELL, KLIM have their own size charts. For determining the perfect helmet size, you need to look for a few factors first.

Here are the factors explained in details:

1. Fixing The Shape Of Your Head

head adjustment

If you want to know the most appropriate size of your helmet, you should know your head first. The head of an individual can take various shapes. It can be egg sized, oval or round. Even the oval can be subdivided into a round oval, long oval, and intermediate oval.

To evaluate the shape of a head, you need to observe the head from the front or behind. You can do it in front of a mirror or you can simply ask your friend. Knowing the exact shape of your head is the first step to choose the right helmet for you.

2. Measuring Your Head

head size

You can measure your head to know the circumference of your head. All you need to do this is a measuring tape. Get a measuring tape and hold it around your head. When doing that, you should keep the tape at least 2 centimeters above your eyebrows and ears.

Once done this measurement, you can check the charts of different motorcycle helmet manufacturing companies to compare with your head measurement and to see which helmet fits best for you.

3. Going Through Trial

All heads are unique and so are helmet sizes. Without knowing your head size, you should not go for buying a helmet. The helmet that fits great for your friend may not fit for you equally. So, go through some trial if you want to buy it from a shop. Wear and see if you feel comfortable while wearing. A helmet of the wrong size increases the possibility of getting wounded in an accident.

Check out our Scorpion Exo helmet review. It can be a perfect match for your head size.

Why Choosing The Right Helmet Size Is So Important?

An incorrect helmet will have a bad impact on your riding experience and performance. While choosing your helmet, you must keep in mind the shape as well as the circumference of your head. If you end up choosing a helmet of incorrect size, these are the things that might happen to you:

  1. A helmet of the wrong size might affect your peripheral vision.
  2. If your helmet is too big it may slide onto your head like a hat which is not supposed to happen.
  3. A loose helmet may induce fatigue. Apart from this, your loose helmet may leave your head in an accident and you may end up getting your brain damaged.
  4. A helmet which is too tight is not also a good idea to go for. A tight helmet may become the cause of your headache. You may also feel suffocated and breathless.

How To Ensure The Best Fit For You

  • A well-fitted helmet will not slide past your eyes.
  • Try sliding four fingers into the helmet near your cheeks to know whether the chin pads are perfectly fit. If you can insert your 4 fingers without any hurdles, then probably the helmet is bigger than you need. You should go for a helmet a way smaller. You can try the same technique for your forehead area to know if your helmet size is perfect.
  • After securing the chin strap, ask your friend or salesperson to pull your helmet upward or roll it off your head, If they can do these, then the helmet is obviously too big for you.
  • Don’t worry if the tightness of the pads seems to bother you. It will expand and soften soon to conform to your head after some days.
  • If you can rotate your helmet after wearing, that’s too big and is not a good choice at all.
  • When it comes to the top of the face opening, it should always be placed a little bit above your brow. If the opening is too low, your view will be blocked and if too high, your forehead will remain unprotected. So, keep a careful look at this issue.
  • Before choosing the best helmet, try as many helmets as you can to find out which suits you best and which is the most comfortable and can save you in an accident.
  • Note that different companies have different standard and every company has a different chart for the exact helmet size. So, before buying your helmet, try to evaluate the helmet size and head circumference standard of the manufacturing companies.


Does helmet size really matter?

Yes, it does. A helmet that is too big or too small is very dangerous. You should always buy that helmet which suits perfectly with the circumference of your head.

How to determine which helmet size is best for me?

To determine the perfect helmet size, measure the circumference of your head on the first place. Then, go through a trial to find out which goes best with you.

Is there any universal chart for helmet size?

NO. Manufacturing companies may have different chart due to the variation of the materials, pad and shell size. You should contact your manufacturer or follow the guidelines of the individual companies to find out the exact size ratio.

How can I test if my helmet is too big or too small?

There are several ways to determine whether your helmet size is too big or small for you. If you can put your four fingers inside your helmet even after strapping, then your helmet is too big. Another way is to swing or move your head to see if the helmet seems loose. If this happens, then you should try a smaller one. Now again, if your helmet is too tight and it seems like you cannot breathe properly inside it, then maybe you should go for a bigger one.

Wrap Up!

Hope this guide on helmet size chart will help you find your appropriate helmet size and you can drive or ride safely.

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