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For Harley riders, wearing open faced helmets while cruising through different types of sceneries on the road is now a thing of the past. Sure, there are tons of reasons why people opt for these open faced helmets, given that they are really stylish and look pretty cool. But it is a little hard to just ignore the fact that open faced helmets also pose a great deal of insecurity in terms of freak accidents and fatal injuries. Well, we hope you stop worrying right away! To help you gain some knowledge over this matter, today in this article we are going to review the 7 best full face helmet for harley riders.

This is why people are now going for the full-faced motorcycle helmets. Yeah, some might claim full-faced helmets to be of inferior quality when it comes to the appearance of it, however we beg to differ.

There are tons of different modular helmets on the market now. Some boast super cool and rugged features while others sport the best aesthetics. Alongside the external appearance, modular helmets are much safer than open faced ones. Full face helmets reduce head injuries than a open face helmet.

best full face helmet for harley riders

We know it can be a little difficult to suddenly put faith into something you have not been familiar with before. Likewise, opting for full-faced helmet instead of your usual open faced ones out of the blue can make you feel a little icky inside. After all, are full-faced helmets really as good as the manufacturers claim them to be, or are they just advertised as better and safer just to get the profits up?

To make it a tad bit easier for you to understand, we will also include a frequently asked questions section and an informative buying guide where you can learn more about full-faced helmets in general.

Are You Looking For The Best Full Face Helmet For Harley Riders?

Here is our PICKS!

TORC T14B Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

Torc T14B full-face helmet

So let’s start off with this amazing helmet, shall we? For starters, this Harley Davidson helmet with Bluetooth can be found in 11 different colors to choose from. The model we are reviewing today sports a really cool matte black color on the top, bottom and back, while featuring this unique flag design on the sides. 

Boasting a price tag that is a little over $200, this high end full faced helmet comes with a completely adjustable ventilation system, which allows a proper circulation of clean and fresh air in and out of the helmet during wear. The system makes sure your head and face does not start sweating while you have the helmet on for long hours on end. 

The strong drop down sun visor has a smooth lock system with which you can easily hold it in place. You will be glad to know that the external shell of the helmet is constructed with thermal polymer material. 

This advanced design of external shell works to absorb external impact without letting your body feel the damage. This model comes with a really sharp shark-like nose, which obviously makes the product look ten times cooler and easier to identify from the lot. 

This unique TORC helmet comes with an integrated Bluetooth system which gives users an intercom network of 400 meters at most. The Bluetooth system works really smoothly, so you can easily reject and answer calls with your voice while expecting almost no lag at all. 

There is a high quality built in microphone around the end of the strong shark-like nose. You will get at least 24 hours of talk time with the Bluetooth system. On top of that, you also get an MP3 control. The helmet is compatible with all iOS mobiles. 

The best thing about this amazing helmet has to be the super soft inner lining. The inner lining has been engineered to fit the contours of the riders head shape, hence providing the highest quality comfort. The neck brace is also quite strong, therefore you can expect the best quality of protection at least up to your nape. 

This model has also been certified under various organizations, such as the ECE and DOT. This means the TORC T14B full faced helmet officially meets all the standards set by the FMVSS.


  • The external thermos polymer shell is quite hard and strong.
  • High quality laser contoured inner lining.
  • Fast connecting Bluetooth system.
  • Amazing EPS with a dual density feature.
  • A strong oval shaped profile with a shark-like nose.
  • Budget friendly.


  • The Bluetooth system is only limited to iOS users, which kind of seems like a bummer to Android users.

GLX Unisex GX15 Full-Faced Helmet

GLX Unisex Adult GX15

If you want to forego the entire solid colored exterior design for helmets, then this product is really what you might be looking for. With a variety of 5 different colors to choose from, this Harley Davidson modular helmet sports a really cool graphic design external shell in the color “Skull”. 

The high quality ABS shell is known to be super light weight and comfortable, therefore minimizing chances of post-cruise migraines and eye pain. This amazing helmet will keep your head steady and in place, without making you feel like you are carrying tons of bricks on your head while riding.

Alongside the high end ABS shell, there is also an exoskeleton constructed with the strongest polycarbonate material which ensures the best protection from external impact. Not to mention that the exoskeleton also looks pretty darn cool. 

The strong inner shell is constructed of high quality dual density EPS, complete with buffer layers meant to keep your head and face feeling cozy all day long. On the other hand, the microfiber interior lining can easily be removed and washed whenever required. 

You will be glad to know that this Harley Davidson helmet also comes with a really strong sun visor. The visor is claimed to be scratch and impact resistant, so you will not have to worry about anything damaging your eyes while cruising at full speed. On top of that, the helmet has amazingly been sound proofed, so that riders can concentrate fully on their cruising and not deal with annoying background noises that could possibly distract them.

In order to make sure that every Harley rider gets the best possible air circulation, this amazing helmet comes with pretty large sized upper and lower vents that ensure you get the highest quality air ventilation, even on the sunniest and terribly humid days. 

There is good news for those who cannot deal with the harsh rays of the sun. This best full faced helmet comes with a removable tinted sun visor, which works to effectively remove the entire glare from the sun with one swift motion. Your view will not be distorted at all. 

The chin strap comes with a quick release tech, which helps you to quickly tweak around with the adjustments so that both of your neck and nape feel comfortable at all times.


  • The high quality 3D shaped face structure allows riders to have the best 360 — degree view while cruising.
  • Unique breath guard that prevents shield fogging.
  • This model is unisex, so anyone can wear it and enjoy its cool features.


  • We are a little unsure about how much this helmet can protect your neck because it comes with no neck brace at all.

YEMA Full-Faced Helmet

yema-ym-831 motorbike moped helmet

Okay so, have you ever seen a Harley helmet that looks quite like something the Marvel Comic Universe character Black Panther would wear when he’s out to save the world? No? Well then you really need to get your hands on this work of art. 

This best full face helmet for Harley riders is constructed with only the highest quality ABS shell. This aerodynamic shell is meant to keep your head and face safe from all sorts of external impact, no matter how powerful it is. 

You will find the interior of the helmet to be lined with high quality multiple density EPS material, keeping you safe and sound all throughout your cruising endeavors. 

You will be glad to know that the inner pads are easily removable as well as re-washable so you can clean them out whenever you think it is necessary to do so. On the other hand, the pads will keep your ears safe while also preventing external noises from reaching your ears. This way, you will not be distracted while riding on your Harley. 

In order to remove the helmet off of your head, simply make use of the quick release buckle that this amazing helmet comes with. The unique sun visor is also quite easy to install. 

You can also remove it completely if you want, hence making the product also work as an open faced helmet afterwards. In a way, you practically get the best of both worlds here! 

But just to stay on the safe side, we recommend you keep the sun visor on as it will allow you to ride without having to deal with annoying sun glares from time to time. 

Like all YEMA products, this amazing helmet also meets every standard safety requirement which pronounces the product to be safe and eligible to be used by riders while cruising. You will not have to worry about the product breaking down prematurely either as it is proven to be completely impact resistant. 

We really love how the ventilation slot is right above the lid, which actually gives the helmet a really unique design. It also creates this sci-fi kind of appearance on the product, which we are totally digging. 

You also do not have to worry about anything creating dents or marks on this amazing matte black helmet as it is claimed to be completely scratch resistant. Therefore you can expect this amazing product to stay the way it is even after years of constant usage.


  • Super cool design.
  • Budget friendly.
  • UV ray resistant technology infuses helmets.


  • A few customers claimed that the sound proofing is not as great as the manufacturer claims it to be, but the product is still worth every penny!

Arai XD4 Full Face Helmet

Arai XD4 White Dual Sport Helmet

Arai XD4 is the helmet you should go for if you thought that the previous YEMA helmet was a little too simple for you. Sporting a shiny silver color for the external appearance, this impressive helmet for Harley riders comes with over 10 different colors to choose from. 

The Arai XD4 helmet comes equipped with some of the best features found on high quality cruiser helmets. This amazing product features the most comfortable head liner, complete with really soft and cozy temple pads with measurements of 5 millimeters each. 

This is a very great feature for those who constantly deal with migraine pains. This XD4 helmet will surely not contribute to that suffering of yours! If you want, you can simply peel away the temple pads whenever they are not required by you. 

For the exterior, we have a strong CLC material shell which has been aerodynamically tuned in to meet your safety needs. The fiber glass construction of the shell makes the helmet lighter than other usual cruising helmets. 

The super soft microfiber interior is completely removable for washing and cleaning, so you can easily take them out for maintenance whenever required. You do not have to worry about not being able to put the lining back in as this helmet comes with really easy to understand features. 

We know how annoying it can be to start sweating inside your helmet. The situation can get even more uncomfortable if you have to wear the helmet on for more than 5 hours a day. 

But you do not have to worry about something like that with this helmet on. In fact, the XD4 takes extra good care of situations like that! The patented Dry-Cool tech of this amazing helmet for Harley Davidson riders makes sure all the moisture build up is absorbed by the lining, therefore leaving your head and face feeling dry and fresh. 

The floating sun visor can be easily removed if in case you decide that you do not want it in front of you. Alongside that, the vents around the sides of the helmet will work to circulate clean air into your helmet while sucking out the warm air inside of the product. 

There is also a convenient mouth ventilation slot on the front of the helmet, which makes sure your breath does not fog up the visor while riding. 

For extra comfort, you will find this helmet with removable cheek pads of 5 mm. There is also a soft lining around the cheek pads for enhanced comfort.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • High quality external shell.
  • Comfortable inner linings.
  • DOT certified helmet.


  • This product is a bit too pricey.

MOPHOTO Bluetooth Full-Faced Helmet

MOPHOTO Bluetooth helmet

We are back with yet another Harley Davidson helmet with Bluetooth! We have got to be honest, this incredible helmet is sort of really hardcore in appearance, so this might not be the product to go for the motorcyclist who are looking for something a little more subtle. However, if hardcore is your forte here, then this is definitely the one you got to get!

This fully assembled high end helmet comes with some of the most incredible features ever found on cruising helmets. For starters, we love the flip up design on this product. It sort of gives the helmet a really traditional racing-bike helmet kind of vibe while also keeping it really modern at the same time. 

The outside is constructed with the strongest ABS material shell, which we think was a really good choice of material for construction as ABS shell is known to be super light weight. So we think the light weight built compliments the otherwise heavy duty features of the helmet. 

The shell is moderately ventilated with advanced air circulation systems such as an anti-fogging lens, which allows you to easily ride out on hot and humid days. In fact, you can even ride out on rainy days as the lens is completely waterproof!

Another really cool feature has to be the Bluetooth system. But this Bluetooth system is not only limited to mobile phones, no. In fact, the Bluetooth of this MOPHOTO helmet can easily connect to another MOPHOTO helmet. 

However, note that the Bluetooth system will only be able to connect you and two other riders at the same time, while running for less than 20 hours a day. Even though we wish the number of connected riders was a bit more, we surely appreciate the time period the Bluetooth system seems to operate for. 

But anyways, the Bluetooth connectivity system will also allow you to operate other stuff such as stereo, music playlists, microphones, GPS systems, etc. 

Coming to the sun glare prevention system here, this helmet comes with dual visors. Both of them are removable and can be replaced by new ones if needed. There are also air vents on this helmet which makes sure you are always well circulated with clean air. 

In order to provide additional protection around the back of your head, this amazing helmet comes with a reflective material on the rear, which works to absorb external impact in case you fall back behind while riding.


  • Really high quality ABS shell material for the exterior.
  • Strong and comfortable inner linings.
  • Budget friendly.


  • A few customers claimed that the padding on the inside of the helmet is quite thin, so it tears off after a few uses.

BELL MX-9 MPIS Full-Faced Helmet


Our next product is BELL MX-9 MPIS helmet for Harley riders. This incredible product features a really cool grey and white color for the external shell. You will also find the company logo on the sides of this high end product. 

For the built of this product, the product has been constructed with only the lightest polycarbonate material. This material is known to provide users with optimal comfort while cruising on their Harleys. You will be glad to know that you can choose from three different sizes for the shell of this helmet. 

The high velocity air ventilation system of this amazing MX-9 helmet allows optimal air circulation all throughout the day. This amazing feature works to keep users fresh and dry even while riding out on super hot and humid days. 

The air circulation system of this model makes this product a top choice for people who are constantly suffering from chronic sweaty scalps. The clean air flow inside this helmet will work to mitigate the amount of sweat built up produced, therefore keeping your head and face dry and cool.

The manufacturer also included cheek pads in order to make the product properly fit to your head and face shape. Alongside the cheek pads, you will find this helmet to come equipped with removable inner linings. You can also machine wash the inner linings whenever you want. 

You will be glad to know that this product is actually quite versatile when it comes to the external features. For example, we have the peak sun visor on the top of the helmet here. You can easily remove them in order to change up the entire look of the helmet itself. On the other hand, you can also attach the side pods to the empty space of the peak visor, hence changing up the look of the helmet yet again!

The face shield on this MX-9 helmet is a removable one, which works to protect your face and eyes from dirt and moisture build up. You will also get a lot of protection from harmful UV rays when you have this helmet on. 

The MIPS tech on this helmet works to protect your head against external impact from every single direction ever possible. The best thing about this product has to be its warranty period though. In fact, you get 5 years of feedback time after you have made your purchase.


  • This helmet has also been certified under DOT.
  • High quality bridge sun visor.
  • Strong polycarbonate shell.
  • Amazing protection technology.
  • Budget friendly product.


  • Unfortunately, a few customers reported that the color of the helmet starts to fade after a few uses.

ScorpionEXO Full-Faced Helmet

ScorpionEXO T1200

For our final product of the day we have this amazing model by ScorpionEXO. This heavy duty Harley Davidson helmet sports a really cool black-neon color for the external shell.

This amazing full face helmet has been constructed with super high quality TCT material. This material is known to work extremely well under hot and humid weather conditions.

On top of that, this shell comes blended with 5 other layers of equally strong fiberglass, poly-resin and aramid material which make sure there is absolutely no breakage in response to external impacts. The shell does a pretty fine job when it comes to protecting a riders head from freak accidents.

You will be glad to know that this helmet comes equipped with a patented AirFit liner system which keeps the cheek pads properly inflated all the time. Therefore you will be getting a better fit on your face and head.

This helmet also comes with a fog clearing technology called the Ever clear No Fog shield, which works to prevent all kinds of moisture build up on the screen. This way you get a clearer view of the road. The anti-fog shield is also claimed to be completely scratch resistant so you will not find the helmet to be damaged any time soon.

The VSV ventilation tech on this model works to circulate clean air into the helmet, hence allowing users to breathe in fresh air in every chance they get. The high quality ventilation system will also keep your head and face cool and dry during long hours of continuous riding.

This full face helmet infuses an elliptical motion system which provides a better fit for Harley riders. The elliptical motion makes sure there is no chance whatsoever for the helmet to leave your head unless you take it off yourself.

The best part of this helmet is probably the sun visor, which can be adjusted to three different angles. The anti-fog screens are also infused on either sides of the sun visor so there are virtually no chances of fog build up inside the helmet.

However, you can also take the sun visor off in case you do not want it there in the first place. Yet we suggest you do not do that as UV rays will still be able to harm your face and eyes without extra protection.


  • Really high end features such as anti-fog shields.
  • The shell is both light-weight and sturdy.
  • The sun visor on this helmet is a retractable one. It can also be positioned in more than two ways
  • Moderate price tag.


  • A few riders claimed that this helmet is not extra soundproof.

Let’s Talk About Some Most Frequently Asked Questions From The Rider About Harley-Davidson Modular Helmets

Getting the right helmet for Harley riders is not an easy job. You might have a lot of questions in mind regarding the helmets too. This is why we are going to take a look at some of the questions most people have regarding Harley Davidson helmets. Hopefully you will find your question being answered here too.


Yes, they really do wear full – faced helmets as it protects their eyes and face from dust particles flying around and small bugs in the air.


Not all full faced helmets come with Bluetooth systems; however, most of them do now. Some helmets also come with other great features such as stereo connection, rider to rider connectivity, GPS system, etc.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Full Face Harley Helmet

Let us take a quick look at some of the key factors you need to keep in mind whenever you go out shopping for helmets, either for yourself or for your loved ones.


The material is the most important factor to check out whenever you go shopping for biker helmets. High quality materials will mean a stronger shell, hence some extra protection on the face and head.

You should go for helmets that are constructed of strong and durable ABS material, poly-carbonate material, etc. The latter is known to be more light weight while the former material is known to be more inexpensive in general.

The fit

It is necessary for your helmet to fit your head. A loose helmet will do you no good if in case you happen to get into an accident while riding on your bike. But a nice fitting helmet will stay on your head instead of coming off, therefore protecting your head from external impact.


Make sure to always go for helmets that come with sun visors. It is even better if the helmet comes with a retractable visor as you can easily tweak the adjustments around afterwards.

A sun visor will keep your face and eyes safe and sound from external dust particles, small bugs and also from harmful UV rays to some extent.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, it is necessary for you to always wear a helmet alongside other protective gear whenever you go riding your bike. You should also encourage your teammates to opt for full — faced helmets instead of open — faced ones as they provide better protection.

We hope you enjoyed reading our modular helmet reviews today. We made sure to only include the best possible product recommendations for you. Hopefully, this article will make your helmet shopping adventures a tad bit easier and less stressful. Thanks a bunch for sticking around till the end!

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