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Welding is a common scenario in most of the workshops. Whether you’re a pro or a novice welder, a good welding helmet is a must in order to you keep your face and eyes protected. There are possibilities of severe inflammation in the eyes if they’re not covered properly. There’s also a major risk of burning your retina that may cause blindness. 

best budget welding helmet

Along with eye damages, the UV rays emitted while welding can have damaging effects on your skin as well. Welding helmets are not similar to motorcycle or bicycle helmets if you’re wondering. These helmets have padding inside along with tinted glass, tinted plastic, and polarized lenses. In other words, welding helmet is the most important welding tool while welding. 

We’ve come up with the best budget welding helmet that will do absolute justice to the investment you make in them. Let’s take a look at our top picks so that you get your hands on the best welding helmets on the market.


What is a Welding Helmet?

A welding helmet is a precautionary headgear that’s worn by the welder while welding. It might seem like simple equipment, but it saves you from countless damaging effects. A welding helmet protects your face, eyes, and neck from heat and spark. It also saves the welder from harmful radiation such as UV and Infra-red. 

Our List Of 5 Budget Welding Helmets Review

Safety should be the most prioritized factor while welding. There are tons of welding helmets on the market in various price range. However, if you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on the helmet but want something that will provide you with great service, then this review is for you. 

Remember that there is a huge difference between cheap and budget. Cheap helmet wouldn’t give you the utmost security. That’s why this review looks for affordable helmets without compromising your safety concern. One more thing, it will not be a surprise if you also named this article as the best welding helmet under 50. 

Neiko 53847A – The Cheapest Welding Helmet

Do you want to buy great protective gear at an affordable price? Then, based on your criteria, you can make a perfect decision by reading this Neiko 53847A Industrial Grade Welding Helmet review. A welder must be aware of the issues such as features, the number of shade, advantages, and disadvantages, consumer’s opinion and popularity before taking a decision to buy a welding helmet. Every welder should have a good quality helmet for their eye and head protection. A quality helmet can give protection of your eyes from high heat, flames, ultraviolet light, and air dust. There is an enormous risk of working without protective gear. So, therefore, a welder should not compromise on the quality of his welding helmet.

Neiko 53847A

Sometimes, with a low budget, we do not find the right product as we expect. Neiko 53847A Industrial Grade is an excellent product within your affordable budget. In this discussion, we will try to describe the key features, advantages, disadvantages of this Neiko 53847A. It will help you to make the right decision on it. Let’s jump to the detail.

Neiko is a modern industrial grade welding helmet with plain designing. The look and the design of the helmet is very simple with comfortable materials. The manufacturer Neiko has focused on its technology. They made it for maximum safety for a welder. It is different from other usual helmets; the size of Neiko’s welding helmet is bigger than others. Because of its round shape design, it can protect the consumer from massive welding sparks.

The helmet does not move away from its due position because it features a flexible headband. The headband prevents the helmet from falling down during a welder’s time. So, that welder can work without any risk of falling off his helmet. It is easy to adjust with your head, and you can adjust it in two ways. It is also very comfortable and easy to flip up. It is made with an easy flip up function. For a long time, duty welder can work wearing it because it’s comfortable design.

The most important feature of this helmet is the 11 shade lenses. This number of shaded lenses allows you to have an understandable vision at the time of welding. This 11 — shaded lens protects your eyes from harmful particles, UV light, welding sparks. The front shield protects your face from any damage. The shield is made of hard and durable materials. The glass shield is also very long — lasting and can not break easily.

The RX safety eye-wear is made with impact resistant polypropylene including with ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CE EN175.

The helmet is very durable and strong enough. It did not break in spite of the massive fall. This helmet is an industrially used helmet. Its manufacturer company Neiko gives their best effort to produce their products. They try to include the best technologies in their products. ANSIZ87 certifies this welding helmet. This certification means that it is a standard product and safe for welding activities. With all the necessary qualities, this helmet is considerably low in cost.

Sometimes, people can not buy quality products due to their high price. For those people, this product is really affordable and comfortable to use. We have been going through some Amazon customer reviews. Most of the customers are given a positive review of this product. They are happy to buy this helmet and use it at their work time. 

Key Features 

  • It features a magnifying glass that assists in work with small objects. It offers broad visualization to work with little things clearly. The helmet is without difficulty modifiable with a magnifying glass based on a welder’s eye strength.
  • The helmet is light. Therefore, welders did not feel the extra weight of wearing it.
  • A glass shield is included with the helmet that provides excellent protection from harmful UV light, IR light, and welding flame. Give high security to the welder’s eyes.
  • The helmet does not move away from its due position because of its flexible headgear that avoids the product from falling off during work time. It reduces the life risk of welders.
  • It has multiple adjustment points to fit with user’s heads ideally. There are two different ways of adjustment available for users.
  • The flip – up lens design allows for providing clear vision to the users. The easy flip function allows you to adjust the helmet position when necessary.

The welding helmet is an essential element for a welder or construction workers. So, when you make a decision to buy a welding helmet, you must do some research on different brand products. That helps you to gather information about the different types of welding helmets. Which product is suitable for you, that you can understand after knowing about the various products features. Some people want to buy products for their brand value.

From the above discussion, you can get knowledge about its features. This product is an excellent product. If you want more about welding helmets, then you can read our best welding helmet article. I hope this will help you to buy a helmet.

FAQ Of — Neiko 53847A


The Neiko 53847A Industrial Grade Welding Helmet is generally an industrial use helmet. But it can be used for a short period of work, like training or welding classes. After that, you can use it for further use.


This product is certified by ANSIZ87. So, there is no doubt about this product’s quality. The helmet provides the best protection from UV light, IR light and welding sparks.


  • Very Low Price.
  • User-friendly.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Shades holders are made with slightly weak materials.
  • Too simple look

DEKOPRO MZ225 — Best Affordable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Another outstanding budget helmet on our list that provides top-notch performance at a very affordable price. Its superior outlook along with high-tech features will surely win your heart at the very first glance.

Dekopro Mz225

It weighs superlight with a weight of just 1.21 pounds. It can perform various welding applications such as MMA, MIG, MAG, Construction, CO2, TIG, Plasma Cutting and many more.

It has a manual sensibility adjustment setting that helps you to adapt to different environment and task duration. It’s equipped with a DIN4 light level of a filter and can shift from dark to bright state within a fraction of a second.

Welding comes with some heavy risk of eye damages. However, if you’re wearing this helmet then damage to the eyes will be not a concern for you at all. It protects your eyes, face, and neck from the sparks and also from the harmful UV/IR radiations.

It’s equipped with a standard viewing visor with a size of 3.62 inches x 1.65 inches. It enables the welder to have a clear look at the work under different light settings and angle. There are sensitivity adjustments from ambient lighting sources.

It’s powered by lithium batteries and it comes with a battery life of whopping 5000 hours. On top of that, it also supports solar charging so even if run out of battery, solar power got you covered.



It takes just about 0.00004 seconds.


Yes, it’s a high-tech welding helmet that is perfect for heavy-duty welding tasks.


  • Solar charging along with lithium batteries.
  • Auto-darkening technology


  • No grind mode.

Instapark ADF Series GX-500S — Best Budget Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Our next budget helmet is Instapark. Instapark is one of the leading welding helmet manufacturers, and they have outdone themselves with the GX-500S. It’s one of the best auto darkening welding helmets on the market, and it’s totally worth the investment.

It’s a great budget welding helmet that’s suitable for arc welding, TIG welding, MIG and various other welding applications. It’s crafted with extremely durable plastic that’s made to last. The GX-500S only weighs about 1.65 pounds hence, even if you wear it for hours it’ll not weigh your head down.

Instapark ADF Series GX-500S

When it comes about design, the GX-500S has done an incredible job in this area. Even though it comes at a very affordable price tag, they have done no compromise with the looks of it. It has the American Eagle on the side which looks extremely sturdy as well as rugged.

The Instapark GX-500 auto darkening welding helmet can be charged with solar power. Along with the solar cell, it also includes two replaceable CR2032 lithium batteries. This helmet comes with an auto darkening feature that can switch from light to dark in just about1/25000 sec.

It has a superior optics that helps to improve clarity, therefore, putting a lot less strain on the eyes. The auto-darkening feature allows you to not flip the helmet between torch placement and it also reduces the need for grinding, therefore, increasing the overall torch accuracy.

The GX-500S offers great sensitivity control ranging from low to high and continuously adjustable. There’s also super UV/IR protection to ensure safety to the skin and eye.

FAQ Of – Instapark ADF Series GX-500S


Yes, this helmet features a grinding mode.


The switching time is 1/25000s.


  • Suitable for multiple welding applications.
  • Clear optical view


  • It requires additional batteries along with solar power.

Hobart 770286 — The Best Cheap Welding Helmet

Hobart has always combined quality and style within an affordable solution. The Hobart Flip Front Welding Helmet is the most budget-friendly welding helmet we have on our list. Even though it comes at a super affordable price, it’s ANSI approved and suitable for professional welding activities.

It has a viewing area of 4.5 inches x 2 inches. The viewing is smaller compared to the other welding helmets we reviewed. However, it provides an accurate and clear view despite the small size of the view visor.

Hobart 770286

It has a weight of 15.2 ounces which might not be the lightest in the market but considering the price, it’s quite a steal. It’s available in one standard size that fits most adults.

You need to manually flip the helmet as it doesn’t come with any auto-darkening feature. The front is extremely easy to flip up and down so it’ll not slow you down much while working. It does a superb job at protecting your face, eye, neck, and neck with maximum protection.

It has super sturdy build quality even though it comes at such a small price tag. Welding helmets go over a number of rigorous activities and this helmet handles everything really well. It’s an old school type that doesn’t require any battery or solar power.

FAQ Of – Hobart 770286


The viewing area of this helmet has a compact size. However, it provides a clear view despite the compact size.


Yes, this helmet is quite a large size. You can easily fit it over the glasses.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Optimum protection to the eyes, face, and neck
  • Doesn’t require a battery


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • No auto-darkening feature

DEKOPRO DKMZ350 – Best Inexpensive Welding Helmet

The DEKOPRO DKMZ350 is a super budget helmet that offers great performance. It comes with a cool design that will leave you no room for regret when it comes to design. It’s super comfortable, fits very well and includes lots of adjustment features.

It does an outstanding job of protecting your eyes with its quick shifting auto-darkening feature. It shifts from light to dark in just about 0.1s-1.0 of a second. So, damaging the eyes is not a question with this helmet on head. It also ensures safety to your eyes and skin from harmful UV and IR radiations.

Best Budget Welding Helmet | Low In Price Not In Quality

The DEKOPRO DKMZ350 weighs only around 1.32 pounds, therefore, it will not get you fatigued even after long hours of wear. It’s suitable for multiple welding applications such as MIG welding, TIG welding, Plasma application and many more.

The viewing visor is moderately large on this helmet that enables you to have a clear view of your work. There’s an adjustable head-hood which comes in really handy during long hours of work.

It features a unique sensitivity knob that can adapt in accordance with different environmental situations and task duration. The fun part is that you can also adjust the angle of wear to ensure the maximum amount of comfort. 

This helmet is powder by a non-removable lithium battery. There’s also a solar charging panel which ensures that you can work non-stop even when the battery runs out.



No, it’s a hood design, it only covers the front part of the face.


It comes in one standard size with an adjustable knob at the back.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Solar charging panel
  • Aesthetic design


  • Not designed for heavy-duty welding

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Purchasing Best Cheap Welding Helmet

best cheap welding helmet

Well, knowing only the best low-budget welding helmet in the market isn’t enough to make the decision. There are multiple other factors that play a vital part in the overall performance of the helmet. 


Weight is a major concern since you’ll be wearing this thing for a long time. A heavy welding helmet will quickly get you fatigued and long-term use of such helmet can lead to severe neck or muscle issues. 

Auto-darkening helmets usually weigh less than the passive shield ones. However, manufacturers are constantly trying to come up with new technology that will enable them to create lightweight ones. Most auto-darkening helmet comes with a plastic body so that it doesn’t weigh down. The problem with plastic is that it’s not very durable and it’s more susceptible to damages. 

Passive Shield and Auto-Darkening

Passive welding helmets have a fixed visor that has to be flipped manually. They have a fixed shade all the time so you’ll need to flip it down when you’re welding and flip the hood up when you’re about to stop the arc. However, this constant process may slow you down and there’s also a risk of ruining the weld due to constant movement.

The auto-darkening helmets have a built-in sensor that detects the welding arc and they can change the viewing lens from light to dark within a fraction of a second. The auto-darkening helmets also give extra protection for your eyes and save you from harsh UV/IR rays.

Arc Sensor

The arc sensor detects when the welding is about to spark which helps to darken the lens to keep the eyes protected. An ordinary welding helmet has about 2 arc sensors and there are 3 to 4 sensors in the more advanced helmets.

Switching Speed

The switching speed is a feature that’s present in the auto-darkening helmets. It determines how fast the shield can change from light to dark and vice versa. Most auto-darkening helmets have a switching speed between 0.00003 seconds to 0.0003 seconds.

The faster the switching speed, the better it is for the eyes as it’ll minimize the risk of being flashed. A helmet with low switching speed will easily fatigue the eyes and a long term usage may lead to severe eye problems.

Shade and Clarity

A welding helmet with greater shade variety is a more versatile one as it’s able to perform more tasks while providing comfort to the welder. The shade range usually varies from #4 to #13. However, shade #13 is generally used in situations such as if you have sensitive eyes or when you need to weld at high amperage.  

The optical clarity has four distinctive classes: optical class, diffusion of light class, variations of luminous transmittance class and angle dependence of luminous transmittance class. 

Viewing Visor

Welding helmets with large viewing lens are becoming more popular day by day as they offer a clear and better view of the weld. However, there are also few downfalls of these lenses. 

These sort of helmets are usually heavier and more expensive compared to the regular ones. Also, as there’s larger viewing space, it tends to get fog up more inside due to your breath which is kind of a distraction when you’re working.

Power Source

Apart from the Hobart Flip Front, all the other helmets that we reviewed requires power to operate. Most auto-darkening welding helmets use lithium batteries as well as solar power. The solar power ensures that you can keep working even if the battery runs out. 

Importance Of The Welding Helmet

No matter how experienced or professional you are, safety measures are should be taken very seriously when it comes about welding. Welding may seem easy to look at but it possesses a lot of risks if precautionary measures aren’t taken properly.

A welding helmet keeps the eyes, face, and neck safe from the spark and various radiations emitted while welding. Welding emits infra-red radiation which can cause cataract and retinal burning if the helmet is not worn properly. Also, the UV rays emitted during welding can severely damage the eyes and skin without the helmet.

The constant flashing of the sparks may create irritation and these can have long term effect over the eyes and skin if you avoid wearing the helmet. 

Some General Specifications of A Welding Helmet

Specifications of A Welding Helmet

Magnification lens

Not all welding helmet comes with a magnification lens. Some helmets include magnification lens that can magnify up to 1x to 2x.

Grind Mode

Grind mode prevents the lens from changing color. The grind mode of the helmet allows you to turn off the sensor. Therefore, if you want to have a clear view of the weld then turning on the grind mode will help you do so.


Welding is quite a rugged job itself. Having a cool design on the helmet will boost up your motivation and give you a more premium feeling. All the welding helmets that we reviewed come with cool designs. However, you can also customize the outer layer of the helmet to suit it more with your personality.


The auto darkening helmets generally come with an adjustable sensitivity feature that determines how fast the lens will shift. Some helmets come with a manual setting and some features automatic. However, in this criteria, manual setting is a better option as it allows to choose the sensitivity according to your preference.

Wrap Up!

The main purpose of wearing a welding helmet is to stay protected. This is the must-have gear if you want to keep yourself safe from the damaging effects of sparks and radiation. No matter how skilled you are, it’s absolutely necessary to wear a helmet at all times while you’re welding. 

We have reviewed a variety of helmets with different price ranges and specifications, keeping in mind the wide array of welders who may need these. Well, there are countless welding helmets in the market with different price ranges and quality. 

This review is dedicated to you if you’re looking for a budget welding helmet that will not make a dent in your wallet. The pros and cons are there to guide you to making the decision and the FAQ will help you with the queries you have in mind. So, the ultimate decision is yours. Choose the one that suits your requirements the best. Hope you’ve enjoyed our budget welding helmet reviews. 

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