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different shades of welding glasses

There are no secrets about the risks involved with the welding process. Welding workers have been facing challenges every single second during welding time. However, most of the welders do not concern their health risks. Every welder should take proper protection for their every body parts. However, from any other part of the body, eyes are an essential part of the human body. If you cannot protect your eyes during welding time, then enormous damage can occur. But most of the welder cannot really understand about the loss occurs in the eyes.

If something goes to your eyes, they become lame and workless. Therefore, it is very obvious to get proper protection for eye safety during welding. Welding safety glasses are an accurate solution for welder eye protection. The welding glasses protect the eyes from harmful UV light, radiation, hot light, and many other irritating particles. In this article, we will discuss the different shades of welding glasses are available in the market.

Most of the welders do not have much knowledge about welding glasses. They even do not know which type of welding glasses they should buy. Shade number is a considerable essential point before choosing a welding glass even in micro-welding. There are different welding glasses available in the market with varying numbers of shade. Shade number shows the darkness of the glass lens. There are six different shades of welding glasses. Let’s know about them and find which type is suitable for anyone-



Different shades of welding glasses

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The Jackson Nemesis is a shade 5 number lenses. It is well fitted, comfortable and light in weight. Its flexible design easily fits with different shapes of faces.  It provides multiple color lenses with shade 5 lenses that are so comfortable for professional use.  Nemesis is undoubtedly a good brand for welding glass.

Key features:

  • Neck cord is included with each glass pair.
  • The glasses are very light in weight.
  • Base curve measures 8.25
  • Rubber nosepieces make it more comfortable.
  • Lens Color: Black frame and green lenses
  • 99.9% UV protected.

This safety glass is suitable for medium protection. It protects the eyes from harmful UV light and radiation during welding.



These Pyramex safety glasses are with 3- 5 shades. It is a handy tool for any garage and workshop. It is suitable for any sorts of cutting, light welding activities and other power tools. You can use it when there is no need to use higher shade safety glasses. It is stylish in look and comfortable in use. It has enough air flow space to make it more comfortable. It ensures the maximum protection in your workplace. It is suitable for those who have a full shape of the head. If anyone has a narrow head shape, then it will be a little bit lost.

Key features:

  • Lens width: 7 centimeters
  • Lens height: 45 millimeters
  • Bridge: 15 millimeters
  • It is non-polarized
  • The glass is protected with H2X-coating.
  • It is Suitable for any weather conditions.

This safety glass not for heavy welding work but works good in medium to low welding works.


Servore Auto Shade Darkening Welding Goggle

Servore Auto Shade Darkening Welding glasses which is an automated glass. It can adjust its shading number according to welding type and situation. It is auto power function which changes the shade number by itself.  The frame of this glass made with plastic and resistance to heat. It has an air vent facility for proper air circulation. This product is suitable for different type of welding purposes. It also has 4 light shades especially for grinding.

Key features:

  • Versatile range from 5 to dark 13 light shade
  • The elastic strap makes it comfortable to wear
  •  It has a suitable ventilation system
  • The glass frame is heat and shock resistance.

This type of welding safety glass is essential for a welder. The multiple options make it perfect for different kind of welding activities. But there is some negative issue with this beautiful glass. The first issue is that it is costly than other glass. So, it is a little bit tough to afford this glass.


Safety glasses shade 10 is introduced by ATHERMAL. Shade 10 provides a heavy protection for your eyes during melting and soldering work. It offers maximum darkness for your eye protection during welding time. The glass lenses are green in color. When someone works in a small area, sometimes, welding helmets are not fit for a small space. In this situation, these glasses work so well. They are indeed too shady for cutting or wearing inside the garage, you could not see well through them inside the garage. When you start welding then you can see your repairing staffs.

Key features:

  • High shade range 10 includes with it.
  • It has a Stylish and comfortable design.
  • The frame is lightweight.
  • Lenses are scratch free and easy to replace.

This type of welding safety glass is suitable for medium to high range of welding work.  It is not recommended for a very high range of welding because it is not providing extreme darkness.


Welding safety glass by Insight is a shade 12 glass. It provides great darkness during welding time. This glass shape is suitable for eye protection because it is curved in shape. It is uniformly fitted with face and not falls off suddenly. It covers your eyes thoroughly so that UV light cannot do any harm from any angle. The lenses are so dark that it provides extra protection during high range work.

Key features:

  • It provides high shade range 12 that is dark enough.
  • It has a curve frame design to offer maximum protection.
  • The frame is fitted with face firmly, and it prevents the certain fall off.
  • Insight offers product warranty with product replacement facility.

If someone worked in high range welding construction area then shade 12 glasses are perfect choice for them. It offers extreme darkness, so it will provide high protection to your eyes.

Shade 14 is the darkest shade for welding safety glasses. It offers the highest darkness during the most dangerous welding activities. Welding like MIG and TIG needs this lens. This glass provides almost 99% UV light protection and 97% IR radiation.

Wrap Up

United States department of labor has the clear instruction about the  shades of welding glasses. I recon, follow the instruction and weld safely.

It is very obvious that when you want to choose a welding safety glass for your workshop or professional work; you need to study on it. Different shades of welding glasses are suitable for a distinct purpose. If you work with low voltage welding work, then choose low shading glass but when it’s time to work in a heavy range welding, pick the darker one.

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