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So what’s the most vital feature when it comes to getting yourself a helmet? Does it look? Or is it its performance? Although getting one with both, the combination is rare, but in the case of Yema ym-925, it’s very different.

However, this particular hood does not only have a striking look in white but also possesses some great features that are enough to make your day. And if you are a biker, then no other person will certainly recognize the high quality helmet, that a biker can

Yema Ym 925 Review

Features Of Yema Ym-925 Motorcycle Helmet


Although, coming in a dashing white color, Yema ym-925 happens to be a full face helmet for which you will get to experience good protection. Besides, you will also love its versatility factor, since it is able to go from a full face to a 3-4 face helmet. 

As for the shape, the brand has designed it in an oval shape, so it might not fit most of the heads. However, you will find a quick release buckle so that, even if it feels loose, you can fasten the strap easily to placing it tightly to your head.


In general, the outer shell of ym-925 has been made from Aerodynamic ABS material. As far we know, this is one of the most common materials that are used in helmets. Not only does it help reduce the weight of the helmet, but it also spreads the impact, so you can get enough protection. 

Meanwhile, the inner part of this full face helmet is used Multi-Density EPS liner which is stated to be a great material for the interior. It does not only keep your head cool in warm weather, but also does the opposite in cool weather. To ice the cake, the liner has been made detachable, so you can take it out and wash it to keep it fresh and obviously free of odor. It means that with each wash, the helmet will feel new. 

However, some users have felt the material is on the cheaper side, but that is in the case of the outer shell. 

In short, if the brand takes care of that and upgrades the helmet with high quality material all over the product, then it is able to be the best in the market.


In addition, this full face helmet comes with an adjustable intake and exhaust vents. With this, the hood can generate a continuous and light airflow that helps keep you cool and comfortable. So, you can say that the Ym-925 does have a great ventilation system.


Moreover, you will also find this yema helmet very convenient since you will have the option to open and close the vents. Through this, you can control the airflow easily just by using the switch that you will find on the side of the hood. 

Whereas, besides providing plenty of air, there are some minor issues. One concern is that the top vents feel more on the cheap side because of the material used for them. And the other is that if you close the vents, it will not prevent air from entering the helmet completely. And this can cause colds in the winter.


Nevertheless, you will definitely find the visor to be pretty great for this yema full — face helmet. Not just that, there is also a switch, so you can change the shade from a smoked visor to a clear view visor with ease. 

Besides, having a clear visor, you will find a red switch on the side of the hood that helps release the visor down. With this, you can also use it to put another visor back. And this is the kind of feature that you will surely love

Moreover, there is also a clamp at the bottom that allows for lifting the bottom piece up so that you can make the helmet look more traditional. 

But there is a little concern. And that is, the visor tends to fog up even though the helmet has a great ventilation system. 

On a positive note, the visor is rugged and at least it won’t flip up in the wind while you keep it partially open.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Yema Ym-925


  • Can be converted to 3/4 face helmet from full face.
  • Outer shell has been made up of rugged material.
  • Inner shell is made up of high quality fabric that will keep you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather.
  • You can remove the inner fabric for wash to keep it fresh and free of odor.
  • Airflow can be controlled with a switch.
  • Red switch lets you change the visor form smoked shade to clear view and vice versa.


  • Some of you might find the outer material cheap.
  • Oval shape so it might not fit many of the user heads.
  • Top vents used cheaper material.
  • The helmet doesn’t prevent air from entering the helmet completely even after closing the vents.
  • Visor tends to fog up.

Size Chart

In our Ym-925 review we would like to give you a size chart of a Yema helmet.

Here is a chart for sizing that has been provided by the brand so that you can measure and understand the size that will fit your head. However, the brand has recommended picking one size larger. And before you buy it, we suggest you try a trial to get the proper size.

Inches 21.6 to 2222.4 to 22.823.2 to 23.624 to 24.424.8 to 25.2
Centimeter 55 to 5657 to 5859 to 6061 to 6263 to 64

Let’s Watch An Exclusive Video Of YEMA Helmet

Wrap Up

Lastly, YEMA YM-925 helmet has been loved both by male and female users since it is a unisex hood. Not only is it DOT certified for offering safety, but it is also equipped with a great ventilation system, so you can enjoy a ton of airflow. Subsequently, its visor switching system is another cool factor that can also be a big reason to get the helmet!

Hope you enjoy our review. Last but not least, Never Drink And Drive!  

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