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Antra is one of the most popular brands whenever it comes to the welding world. Since they have a number of great helmets for welders, you can also think of owning one. Because this kind of jobs are not only complicated but also risky for your face. And for this, you will really need to trust this brand.

So, if you are clueless regarding which model to pick, here we have come with Antra AH7 review to help you out. This write up has not only focused on the bright sides but also also underlined the dark sides.

So are you all set? Then why not dip into it?

antra ah7 review


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Antra AH7 860 001X 02

Antra AH7-860-001X


  • Best welding helmet for safety & protection.
  • Large viewing area.
  • Accurate auto shading.

Advantages Of Antra-AH7-860-001x

Welding, Cutting, Grinding

You surely cannot just go wrong with AH7-860-001X by the brand Antra. If you want to experience the comfortable welding chores, then this model should be your pick. You can also use it effortlessly for your Tungsten inert gas (TIG), Manual metal arc (MMA), Plasma and many more. Not just that, it also has you covered other kind of jobs such as cutting and grinding since the speed of it has been tailored that way. So, calling it a versatile hood won’t be wrong!

Swift Switching Time

Antra AH7 series

It’s all about auto darkening, the Antra helmet says! And this is one of the most preferred features that will turn from light mode into dark automatically. Not just that, you will also get impressed by its quicker reaction time than many of its earlier versions. By responding within 1/30,000 of a second, this definitely will help protect you from different welding-related risks.

Premium Sensors

The brand has upgraded the helmet with 4 premium sensors so it can do the job of detecting light conditions in your work site. So, you can work with it easily without any problem.

Shade Range Variability

The lens of such helmet comes with a variable shade of 4 for the light state and 5 to 13 for dark state. With this, you can easily move from low amperage projects to extreme welding and that too in a smooth way. 

Delay And Sensitivity Adjustments 

Meanwhile, sensitivity setting will enable you to regulate the light state at which the process of darkening gets triggered. If you set it to the max, you will be able to notice quick response time.

Spare Lens Covers

The helmet comes with extra lens covers so that you can change the lens easily after they get scratches. Because you know, such kind of jobs will eventually put scratches on the lens. The bonus is, you will get covers both for the interior lens and exterior lens.

Wide Viewing Area

The helmet comes with a viewing window of about 3.78 inches by 3.50 inches. You will find it big enough to get a nice view of what you are working on. Not just that, this big window will also get you a picture of what is there surrounding you. 

Besides this viewing area, you can also fit it with cheater and magnifying lenses according to your preference. Although the brand does not include them.

Disadvantages Of ANTRA-860-001X​

Frequent Battery Replacement Of The Helmet

Albeit the helmet is powered by solar source yet you can also use it with batteries. However, many users have mentioned that, using the helmet will make you replace the batteries pretty frequently as they die pretty soon. And that’s quite annoying we know!

Cheap Parts

While the helmet has got some really good reviews about its quality for being made up of high impact Polyamide Nylon, some griped it about its cheap parts. For instance, the knobs have been made up of plastic that people found flimsy and cheap.

Loose Headgear

You might hate the fact that the headgear of this helmet keeps on sliding down no matter how tight you make. Majority of the users have faced such issue and chances are high that you might get pissed off.


Frequently Asking Questions About- Antra AH7

What color would you see while welding?

You will see green both before and after darkening while you weld. However, the shade of green will change with control buttons.

Does it come with magnifying lens?

No, the helmet does not come with magnifying lens. You will get a slot for such lenses separate and you can buy them from welding supplies shops as well as online shops.

What to do if the screen suddenly stops auto darkening?

At first you will need to replace the batteries. You will find two CR2032 that already comes installed with the helmet. One thing you must know is that, if you set the screen around any light source and if it hits the sensor then it will start oscillating on and off and might drain up batteries quickly. So, for this, you might find yourself changing the batteries frequently.

Does it include inner and outer lens covers?

Yes, the helmet includes both inner and outer lens covers.

How would you replace the batteries?

To replace the batteries, at first you will require to take the filter retainer out of the shell, then you will need to lift off the filter. After that, you can change the batteries.

Wrap Up

From this review, we have not only tried to focus on its strengths but on its weaknesses as well. But on a positive note, the helmet does have the ability to impress you with its performance. So, those negatives are actually nothing! We also have reviews on Antra AH6 260. Hope you won’t miss that. 

If you think you want to own a great welding helmet through which you can also perform grinding and cutting, then Antra helmet makes an ideal choice.

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